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We want everyone in the congregation to be part of the Caring Community.

The Caring Community Committee develops programs to support members during challenging times, specifically births, illnesses, and bereavements. It serves as a resource to the community and helps to organize support for members who do not have a support network within the congregation.

The type of support we provide includes: making calls or visits, cooking or delivering meals and gifts, driving those who need a ride, or attending a shiva minyan…whatever works for you!

Please consider volunteering. You will be of service to others, and it will truly enrich your own life. Volunteers of the Caring Community currently serve our congregation in a multiplicity of special ways. For information or to volunteer, please contact Audrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Meal Delivery: For Parents of a Newborn

We would like to help new parents who have just returned home with their newborn(s) by providing meals for two to three weeks. Please contact Audrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Meal Delivery: For Those Who Are Ill – Cooking Angels

We are privileged to be able to offer our members hot home-cooked meals when illness or injury makes taking care of oneself or one’s family difficult. Meals are provided by friends or by volunteers who answer an email request. If you or someone you know needs help or if you are interested in cooking meals or helping to coordinate meal delivery in the future, please contactAudrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Meal Delivery: For Members experiencing a Bereavement

To support CBB members during their time of bereavement, a Caring Community Volunteer will call to offer condolences and, if the funeral or shiva is in town, to provide a platter of food for the meal of condolence after the funeral or for a shiva minyan. Please contact Audrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Caring Visitors

BECOME A FRIEND! The CBB-Jewish Family Services Caring Visitors Program matches isolated Jewish seniors from the congregation and the community with specially trained CBB members who regularly visit, providing support and companionship.

Mental Wellness Initiative

This program is designed to educate members of CBB about mental health issues in the hopes of reducing the stigma that is often associated with mental illness.  In addition, we hope to provide appropriate support to CBB members who are dealing with mental illness personally or within their family or circle of friends. The support provided will evolve as a function of what participants of our programs tell us they want/need. Please see our Mental Wellness Initiative page for more information.

End-of-Life Initiative

After successful seminars in 2010 covering the topics of Jewish traditions surrounding death, bereavement, and preparing advance directives, we are forming a committee to plan future events. Our goal is to organize a continuing effort to help educate and prepare members of the congregation for the end-of-life issues that we and our family members and friends will all face some day. Please see our page about the 5 Wishes Workship for more information.

Mi Shebeirach List

Mi Shebeirach is the name of the traditional Jewish healing prayer. We keep a list of names of those who are ill which is read at Shabbat services before the recitation of the Mi Shebeirach prayer. A name can be added to or removed from the list by contacting the clergy or the Temple office. Once a name is on the list, a Caring Community volunteer makes contact periodically to see how things are going. Please contact Audrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Shiva Minyan

When experiencing a loss of a spouse or close family member (parent, child, or sibling) it is customary to sit in deep mourning for seven days after the funeral. Part of the tradition is to have at least ten members of the community (a minyan) come together each day so that the mourner can recite Kad­dish. In our congregation, the number of days members “sit shiva” may vary, but we encourage everyone who loses a family member to consider observing shiva for some period of time.  If you are interested in performing the mitzvah of comforting the bereaved by being available to help “make a minyan” as needed, please contact Audrey in the temple office at 964-7869 x 113 or

Emergency Fund Award Application

The Jewish Community Emergency Fund Committee consists of representatives of the Community Shul of Montecito and Santa Barbara, Congregation B’nai B’rith, Jewish Family Services of Greater Santa Barbara, the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Jewish Community Foundation Fund and one or more at-large Jewish community members. Our mission is to be a provider of last resort for one-time or short-term needs when there are no other avenues of help reasonably available. Please see the Emergency Fund Award Application