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We expect that you are asking “is my interfaith family going to feel welcome at the synagogue?” This is the question we are asked by every interfaith family that considers becoming a member of CBB. The answer is “YES”!   If you are thinking about joining, there is a very good chance that you have decided to raise your children as Jews. We want to support you and your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBB have any other interfaith families?

You are not alone. We estimate that about 30% of our member families are interfaith.

Can a non-Jewish parent come to the Temple?

Yes! All members of CBB are welcome at any time at any event and are encouraged to participate.

Do you have any way for interfaith families to meet other interfaith families?

Yes! We host interfaith events throughout the year coordinated by our Interfaith Outreach Coordinator Ann Pieramici, a member of CBB who understands, from personal experience, the special challenges faced by interfaith families.

How can I contact CBB’s Interfaith Outreach Coordinator?

Our Interfaith Outreach Coordinator Ann Pieramici would be happy to talk with you about your questions and situation. You can contact her directly at

Is the Rabbi available if we want to talk with him?

Yes! The Senior Rabbi is happy to talk with you anytime about any issue that comes up.  Call or email his secretary and make an appointment. Audrey at 964-7869 x 13 or

Are there any books about raising interfaith children?

Inside Intermarriage, by Jim Keen, is a book about raising Jewish children written by a non-Jewish parent. Jim is a practicing Protestant and he and his wife have given serious consideration to all of the questions an interfaith couple faces when making serious decisions about their faiths and how to raise their children. Copies of this book are available in the CBB Library.