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Beit HaYeladim is a playful place where teachers and parents work together to create a warm, inspiring and loving atmosphere for children. The curriculum focuses on the emotional, social, cognitive, physical and creative development of each child and is infused with Jewish values and culture. We believe that children construct their own knowledge through meaningful relationships and experiences.  Because opportunities for discovery are based on children’s interests and grow out of their existing knowledge, our curriculum emerges, in part, from those interests. As a result, our curriculum does not look the same from one classroom to the next, or one year to the next; it is adapted to meet the curiosities and learning styles of each child.

Beit HaYeladim strives to create a sense of community and tradition by celebrating Shabbat each Friday and other Jewish holidays together with students, teachers and parents.  Because Beit HaYeladim is the gateway to the temple for many families, the children continue their Jewish education together through grade school and high school.  This process enables them to create and sustain lifelong friendships.

Jewish preschools can have a profound effect on the Jewish life of the entire family, especially when families participate in school activities.  The educational process at Beit HaYeladim is truly a partnership between home, school and community.  In order for our mission to thrive, we need families to be informed and involved.  Parent participation benefits the children’s education and strengthens family relationships, as well as our temple community.  Your involvement also shows your child that you value his/her preschool experience.