Come Hike With Us!

Join us to explore the trails and walkways of the Santa Barbara foothills, Santa Ynez Mountains, Channel Islands, and local beaches.

Our hikes offer a range in level of difficulty and length so that a majority of those interested will be able to participate. Read our FAQs, below, to learn more.

All communications about upcoming hikes are sent via email from the group leader, Julie Wood. Email her to sign up for updates or with any questions you have that are not covered below, at:

“These hikes are great… I love spending time in nature with other CBB members, and the exercise feels good.”

 “I’m newer to hiking and it was nice that no one was ever hiking alone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult are the hikes?

The hikes vary in length and elevation gain.  This is a social hiking group.  Easier hikes are on flat terrain like the beach or More Mesa and can end in a coffee shop or pub.  More difficult hikes can be 4-8 miles with up to 1000 feet elevation gain.  Most hikes fall in between.  We offer hikes for various hiking abilities with the goal of including as many temple members as possible!

How can I learn about future hikes?

Two ways:

  • Add your name to the CBB Hiking Group email list to receive emails about upcoming hikes (email Julie at
  • Check the general CBB weekly eNews (email to sign up if you don’t receive it already)

Do I have to sign up or can I just show up?

We appreciate knowing who will be hiking ahead of time, but you are also welcome to show up at the trailhead. Just show up.

Is there an age limit?

These hikes are intended for adults and teens.  However, there is talk of starting another hiking group for families with young children. If you are interested in the latter, please contact CBB Engagement Coordinator Mariela Socolovsky at or (805) 964-7869 ext. 104.

What should I wear and what should I bring?

For hikes on flat terrain like the beach, athletic shoes are fine.  For hikes in the mountains, wear hiking boots.  Weather varies, so wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the weather.  Always bring food and water.

What if I want/need to turn around and leave the hike early?

We prefer you finish the hike with the group, unless an emergency or other unanticipated event necessitates an early return. If you do need to leave, we will have another person go with you.  For safety, we ask that no one hike alone on these CBB group hikes.

Is there food?

Excellent question!  Hikers bring their own snacks, lunch and water.  Sometimes they go for coffee, drinks, or a meal after the hike.

Where can I get more information?

Email Julie Alpert Wood at