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SBORTY is our high school youth program in partnership with a program called NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth).  SBORTY has our own student board which meets monthly to plan events and discuss how to make SBORTY fun and accessible to all youth. Click here to read more about our recent events.

Learn More about SBORTY!
CLICK HERE to visit our official teen-edited SBORTY webpage.

2017-2018 SBORTY Teen Leadership Board

Max Gaynes, President
Mia Young, Programming VP
Noah Dusette, Membership VP
Ari Birken, Social Action VP
Zoe Silverberg, Religious & Cultural VP
Casey Fineberg, Financial VP
Arin Pieramici, Communications VP
Zach Winner, 11th Grade Representative
Charlie Jacobs, 10th Grade Representative
Zoe Bosch, 9th Grade Representative
Aoife Braverman, 9th Grade Representation

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Questions about youth and teen programs at CBB?
Please contact Director of Youth Engagement Ben Mazur with at or (805) 964-7869 x228.