Welcome to Jewish Learning Programs at CBB

Gam Zeh Torah (This, too, is Torah) 2020-2021

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Kinder – 3rd*:

Regular Monthly Programming: $ 905

  • Monthly in-person (when safe), sm group, outdoor session (holiday learning rotations, scavenger hunt etc.) 2 hours
  • Monthly hike and/or virtual elective choice day 1-2 hours

Additional options and offerings included (may vary):

  • Monthly Storytime
  • Monthly Tot-Shabbat (not exclusive to Netivot)
  • Monthly Arts lesson with Laurie or other specialist lesson via Zoom
  • Monthly Hebrew Learning via Zoom
  • Monthly Video Project & Assembly – whole school Zoom
  • Parent Workshop with Rabbi Steve (& specialists) 3x per year (Zoom or in-person)
  • HIP (Hebrew Immersion Program) Add-on to Netivot: $ 690
  • Immersion Hebrew with Yifat! Step into Israel, right here at CBB– learn Hebrew language, reading and writing, while diving into Israeli culture and practice.
  • Weekly In-Person Class (when safe) small groups, indoor/outdoor, 2 hours
  • Monthly Zoom with whole class, 1 hour

*A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT 3rd GRADE: 3rd grade is a unique grade, floating between “Upper Elementary” and “Lower Elementary” learning. The 8-9 year old child is still a young child, but also ready for greater challenge and exploration of more interests, independence and individuality.

Each 3rd grader, develops , (as all children do), at their own pace. If YOUR 3rd grader is ready for greater challenge, you have the OPTION to join the Hebrew Learning that we offer mid-week for 4th-6th grade students. This program is more rigorous and focused than our usual introductory Jewish Learning Programs and activities. If this does not appeal to you, that’s fine. Your 3rd grader is welcome to stay connected to the K-3 cohort, attending Sunday programming only and occasional special offerings throughout the year.

Participation in the Hebrew program requires a mid-week commitment every week and an increased tuition. Mid-week Hebrew becomes a requirement of the program in 4th grade, for all students who are beginning preparation for B’mitzvah during their 7th grade year.