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  • Are you Jew curious?
  • Were you born Jewish but you want to know more?
  • Are you interested in finding out about conversion?
  • Is your partner Jewish and you want to participate more fully?

If any of these describe your interest, then this class is for you!


New class begins October 14, 2020 (by Zoom)

Scroll down to learn more and view the 2020-2021 class schedule.

Join Rav Debi Lewis for an introductory look at the fundamental practices of Judaism. This class will be an experiential take on how to “do Jew.” We will meet once a week and we will take a hands on approach to exploring the fundamental practices and rituals of Judaism. This class is suitable for absolute beginners as well as people looking for a fresh take on a timeless tradition.

Enrollment remains open throughout the year, and a yearlong commitment to this class s a basic requirement for anyone considering conversion. 

The cost of class is included in CBB membership, or $180 for unaffiliated community members.

Classes are subject to minor changes. The best way to stay up to date with last minute changes is by signing up for our e-newsletter. You may email in order to sign up for our e-news, which is available to all community members.

What Others Are Saying

“My husband, Gideon and I enjoyed a meaningful experience attending Practical Judaism led by Debi Lewis. We found the content to be thoughtfully planned, accessible to our interfaith family, and we appreciated the special connections made through shared reflections. This course has great versatility; it’s perfect for people completely new to Judaism, as well as for those raised in a more conservative observant family wanting a supportive refresher. We are grateful to Debi for her time, energy, and passion for continued learning.”

- Kimi Cohn

Practical Judaism Class Schedule 2020-2021

***Handouts will be provided unless otherwise noted.

Oct 14 Starting Over: The High Holy Days We will take a hands-on approach to renewal rituals and what we do during this transformative journey.
Oct 21 What is with all the bowing? Jewish Prayer – Choreography (sitting, standing, bowing, shuckling) when we do what we do.
Oct 28 Jewish Prayer Continued It is a big topic; we will continue our discussion about Jewish Prayer
Nov 4 Jews by Choice: A guest panel Join us as we host a panel of “Jews by Choice” who will share tell their own stories of conversion and answer any questions that you may have.
Nov 11 Shabbat: Palace in Time The greatest Jewish invention– a weekly vacation from ordinary time, a chance to unplug from our distractions and reconnect with each other and ourselves.
Nov 18 Kashrut: Jewish Dietary Laws We sit down to eat multiple times a day– what if each time could be an opportunity to affirm our deepest values and connect with our ancient ancestors? Kashrut teaches us to eat mindfully. We will have a master challah guest baker in class this evening.
Nov 28 No Class
Dec 2 Understanding Jewish Ritual Objects From Torah and Tefillin to Mezuzot and Tzedakah boxes: We will explore the many ritual items found in the synagogue and in the homes of the Jewish people.
Dec 9 Hanukkah: Festival of Lights There are many ritual objects that we associate with Hanukah; will learn how to light the Hanukiah. We will spin some driedels and snack on some gelt. We will also spend some time talking about how to navigate the “other” winter holidays with family and friends.
Dec 16 Music of the Jewish People Take a musical tour of Jewish music with Cantor Mark Childs.
Dec 23 No Class
Dec 30 No Class
Jan 6 Minor Holidays We will discuss the observance of the minor Holidays such as Simchat Torah, Tu B’shevat, Shavu’ot and Tisha B’Av.
Jan 13 Jewish Ethics What makes an ethical decision a “Jewish” ethical decision?
Jan 20 Modern Holidays Yom HaShoah,Yom HaZikaron,Yom Hatzma’ut
Jan 27 Sukkot The “Festival of Booths” – we will learn about the foods, origins, and traditions of this holiday
Feb 3 A Time to Mourn: Traditions for Death, Grief & Healing Judaism teaches us to approach life’s hardest moments with compassion and community. Explore the practices that help us navigate grief and heartache and move from sadness to renewed life.
Feb 10 The Jewish Mission to Heal the World In this class, we will talk about social justice, arguably the essential Jewish mission. We will explore key concepts like tzedakah (righteous giving) and Tikkun olam (healing the world).
Feb 17 The Modern State of Israel We will discuss the beginning of the state of Israel and some modern-day complications of having a “Jewish State”
Feb 24 Purim: Haman (Booo!) The Spiel, the food, and practices of the Holiday of Purim.
Mar  3 Denominations What do each of the streams of Judaism have to offer us? We will discuss the similarities and differences between them.
Mar 10 No Class
Mar 17 Jewish History: Abraham to Exodus We will cover the period of Jewish history from the time of Abraham, to the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.
Mar 25 Passover We re-enact this redemption every year at the Seder. We will talk about the story and the food.