Month of Mitzvot 2015

From January 26th until Mitzvah Day on February 22nd,

We will be running many collections and learning how to give back

And take care of our community.

Click to learn about our workshops learn  and about the various collections we will be holding.

[table cols=”Event,Date” data=”CPR/AED Training,February 2nd 6-9 pm, Caring Visitor Training, February 8th 1-3pm, Getting OFF the Couch…moving walking and Hiking,February 9th 7-9pm , Soup Making, February 8th 1-4 pm “]

CPR Training: ASHI CPR and AED certification, February 2nd at 6-9 pm in the Small Chapel, cost $25. RSVP to (maximum 16 participants, minimum 10 needed for price)


Getting OFF the Couch…moving, walking & hiking…w/ special guest Dr. Jennifer Hone, : Interested in going on a hike, but not sure where to start? Come to our Hiking 101 Class where our Hiking Club Co-Chair Dean Janoff with Walk-a-Doc Leading Physician Dr. Jennifer Hone. Date: February 9th at 7pm RSVP to 


Caring Visitors: Do the ultimate mitzvah and start visiting CBB seniors who are isolated and could use a friendly visit. Come to our training to learn how to be a visitor! February 8th RSVP to


Soup Making: February 8th 1-4pm. Join our Stone Soup crew and help make a big batch of homemade soup for our volunteers to deliver to members who are sick or going through a challenging transition! RSVP to


RSVPs are absolutely required to participate in any of the above activities.
[table cols=”Organization Collecting For, Items Needed” data=”Pillowcase Project, Toiletries

Books for Teens

New Journals,Lion’s Club Gift of Sight Program, Glasses

Hearing Aids

Cellphones, Transition House, Pillows

Bath Towels

Twin Bed Sheets, Pershing Park, New Socks

Gently Used Warm Coats

Gently Used Shoes

Small Backpacks


Small-Sandwich Bags of dog food

Sleeping Bags”]


Sisterhood’s Pillowcase Project:

On February 22nd Sisterhood will be running their Pillowcase Project! The Pillowcase Project aims to provide comfort to children in transition. They will fill and decorate pillowcases with toys, journals.

Toiletries (not used)

Books for Teens (used okay)

New Journals


Chai Society and Santa Barbara Lion’s Club Gift of Sight Program:

CBB’s new senior group is teaming up with the Santa Barbara Lion’s Club to support the club’s Gift of Sight Program. All donations will be refurbished, calibrated and distributed throughout the world to such countries as Costa Rica, Panama, Kenya, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, and the Philippines with various teams, which serve hundreds of thousands of people.

All items can be used.


Hearing aids



Transition House:

CBB has a longstanding partnership with Transition House, a homeless shelter for families in Santa Barbara. We are collecting items that the shelter has a need for.

 Items can be used, but must be clean.


Bath Towels

Twin Bed Sheets


Pershing Park:

CBB serves dinner at Pershing Park to the hungry once a month. We are collecting items to disseminate to the homeless and hungry in Santa Barbara.

New Socks

Gently Used Warm Coats

Gently Used Shoes

Small Backpacks


Small-Sandwich Bags of dog food.

Sleeping Bags

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