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Israel Between The Pages: “The Best Place on Earth” by Ayelet Tsabari

This event is in-person at CBB. You can also join us via Zoom: About THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH) Confident, original and humane, these stories are peopled with characters at the crossroads of nationalities, religions and communities: expatriates, travellers, immigrants and locals. Poets, soldiers, siblings and dissenters, the protagonists here are mostly Israelis of [...]


‘Daf Yomi’ (‘Daily Page of Talmud’) with Rabbi Brenner

Join Zoom Meeting: About Daf Yomi  Daf Yomi (pronounced dahf YOH-mee)  is an international program to read the entire Babylonian Talmud — the main text of rabbinic Judaism — in seven and a half years at the rate of one page a day. In this weekly session, Rabbi Brenner presents a synopsis of where we [...]

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