The Jews are a family. All of us (including converts) are descended from the first parents Abraham and Sarah. And while we acknowledge our kinship with the entire human race, we maintain our identity as an old tribe, a noisy, argumentative, at times dysfunctional, at times remarkable family: the Children of Israel, the Jewish People.

It is in this context that we each make our own intensely personal decisions around Jewish identity. We explore our relationship to the miraculous and complex Jewish society being built in Israel, our ancient homeland, and also seek a meaningful response to the Holocaust and other outbreaks of violence against Jews throughout history. Each of us attempts to piece together an identity that simultaneously honors our Jewish heritage and affirms our inter-connectedness with our non-Jewish friends and neighbors.

Inspiration for Your Personal Practice

  • Keep The Big Book of Jewish Humor in your bathroom
  • Travel to Israel
  • Rent and watch Schindler’s List
  • Avoid eating pork or shellfish
  • Learn some conversational Hebrew
  • Buy and listen to CDs of Jewish music
  • Attend the SB Jewish Festival
  • Wear a chai necklace (meaning “life” in Hebrew)
  • Send your child to Jewish summer camp
  • Make a hefty donation to CBB, SB Jewish Federation, Hadassah, Hillel or other worthy Jewish organization
  • Put a mezuzah on your doorframe.
  • Sing songs from Fiddler on the Roof in the shower!