Israel Between the Pages is a book discussion group featuring some of the most important and insightful voices on contemporary life in Israel. Meetings will be moderated by Rabbi Daniel Brenner or a guest speaker. Join us at 9 AM for a Nosh. Discussion starts at 9:30 AM!

September 22, 2019

Israel has quickly become one of the most polarizing forces in the North American Jewish community. In a world already much too divided, how can we approach the subject of Zionism without widening the rifts? This book wrestles with and attempts to frame the very fragile dialogue surrounding Zionism and Israel in the 21st century Progressive Jewish community.

We are excited to feature guest speaker and co-editor of The Fragile Dialogue, Rabbi Stanley Davids.

February 9, 2020

Since the Six-Day War, Israelis have been entrenched in a national debate over whether to keep the land they conquered or to return some, if not all, of the territories to Palestinians. In 2017, best-selling Israeli author Micah Goodman published a balanced and insightful analysis of the situation that quickly became one of Israel’s most debated books of the year. Now available in English translation with a new preface by the author, Catch-67 deftly sheds light on the ideas that have shaped Israelis’ thinking on both sides of the debate, and among secular and religious Jews about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

June 14, 2020

The Old New Land is a utopian novel by Theodor Herzl (1860 – 1904), the founder of political Zionism. Outlining Herzl’s vision for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, this book became one of Zionism’s establishing texts. It was translated into Hebrew as Tel Aviv, which directly influenced the choice of the same name for the Jewish-Zionist Jaffa suburb founded in 1909 (modern-day Tel Aviv). This book was originally published in 1902 in German as Altneuland.