Congregation B’nai B’rith

1000 San Antonio Creek Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Phone (805) 964-7869
Fax (805) 683-6473

Visit our staff and clergy pages for individual contact information. 


  1. From Highway 101, take the Turnpike exit. If coming from the south, turn right; if coming from the north, turn left. You will be on Turnpike, heading toward the mountains.
  2. Continue until Turnpike ends at Cathedral Oaks road (Turnpike dead ends here at a park). At the stoplight, turn left onto Cathedral Oaks Road.
  3. Continue on Cathedral Oaks to the first stoplight. This is San Marcos Road; turn right.
  4. Continue one block on San Marcos Road to the first stop sign. Turn right onto Via Los Santos.
  5. Stay on Via Los Santos, which gently winds and climbs through a residential area. About 3/4 of a mile ahead, this road takes a sharp curve to the left, becoming San Antonio Creek Road (you’ll see a road sign with an arrow pointing to the left). Do not follow the curve. Turn into the driveway on your right and you will be in the Temple parking lot.