OpenDor is an open generation of young adults in their 20 and 30’s, seeking connection to each other and something greater than our individual selves. OpenDor is a Jewish space, not bound by walls, where community members discover their authentic Jewish selves unabashedly, non-judgmentally, comfortably aware that everyone around them is participating in the same experiment. Our participants are single, married, straight, gay, male, female, gender non-conforming, Jewish, and Jewishly curious. OpenDor seeks to push back against the painful realities of the isolation and loneliness of our generation by creating a space to encourage togetherness and community.

Events & Programs

OpenDor Shabbat

Join us one Friday each month at a venue in town for an evening of interesting learning, delicious food, a short service, and a chance to get to know other Santa Barbara Jewish folks in their 20s and 30s.


For more information about Shabbat (RSVP here) or any upcoming OpenDor program, please contact Rabbi Daniel Brenner.

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Our Mission

To create and sustain a young adult community that connects socially and spiritually
while seeking a deeper understanding of our Jewish identity and heritage.