Sept 7, 2023 Update 

Please note that CBB’s Short Story Group is currently on hiatus, as our moderator of 15 years, Mashey Bernstein, is taking a sabbatical.

Read the Story

We post the link to our upcoming story here

About the Jewish Short Story Group

For more than a decade, the Jewish Short Story group has met to discuss stories of Jewish interest. Over the years, we’ve covered stories by everyone from Bernard Malamud, Amos Oz, and Edith Perlman, to newer discoveries like Etgar Keret and Rebecca Goldstein. Stories have ranged from the tragic to the comic but are all accessible and enlightening.

An atmostphere of friendly repartee is encouraged, and the discussion is freewheeling and open-ended. We encourage new and veteran readers alike to join one of the most delightful hours you can spend talking and discussing.

About the Moderator

Mashey Bernstein holds a Ph.D. in American Literature and recently retired from the Writing Program and Film and Media Studies Department at UCSB. With this group, he sees himself more as a “master of ceremonies” than lecturer.

To Participate

Short story selection for the following meeting is announced during the current meeting. See the link above to read/print the story online, or drop by the CBB front office for a photocopy.