Passover Resources for
At-Home Celebrations

How Do I Get Rid of Chametz?

Clear your home of “chametz” (leavened food) with the Lewis family

How Do I Set the Passover Table?

Rabbi Daniel Brenner explains what you need (dolls optional)

Can You Find the Afikomen? 

An Interactive Video for Young Children by the Lewis Family!

A Playlist of Songs and Prayers to Use During Your Seder

1. Setting the Seder Table

5. Shehecheyanu

9. Passover Story
(for children)

13. Go Down Moses
(Cantor Childs)

16. Birkat Hamazon

20. Chad Gadya

2. Kadeish Ur’chatz

6. The Four Questions

10. Building Cities

13A: Go Down Moses
(Mariela Socolovsky)

17. Eliyahu Hanavi

21. Adir Hu

3. Hinei Ma Tov (folk)

7. Avadim hayinu

11. Oh Listen

14. Dayeinu

18. L’shana Haba-a

4. Festival Kiddush

8. V’hi She-amda

12. Frogs

15. B’chol Dor Vador
& Greeting from Mariela

19. Chad Gadya