Sunday, November 24, 2019

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Projects for Every Age & Interest!
Join us from 8:30am – 1:30pm

Mitzvah Day Committee Chairs: Franny Tara-Freund, Debbi Spungen, Ashley Goldstein & Annie Kempe

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On-Site Projects

Saving Lives  (18+ y/o) “… whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a).  Donate blood and help replenish the local banks. (Project leader, Laura Habecker,  runs 8:30 to 1:30pm) 

Together We Rise – (12+ y/o) Help us assemble 10 skateboards to be delivered to children in the foster care system. Please consider donating to this project: each skateboard costs $70, and any donation will be appreciated. (Project leaders Mike Steiner & Louie Drossel;  runs 10am to

 The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation –  (All Ages- Recommended for K- 6th grade) – On site). With Thanksgiving around the corner we will assemble TG dinner bags for families to cook dinner and we will create puzzles for gifts to families of children fighting cancer.  (Project leaders Danielle Drossel & Jen Lewis, runs 10am to 1pm)

Lunch for the Hungry – (All ages – On site) Assemble lunch bags and basic needs items to be delivered to the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. This year our goal is to assemble 128 bags!  (Project leaders Isabelle & David  Kim-Sherman; runs 10am to 1pm)

 Applesauce for the Heart  (9 y/o+) Help make applesauce from scratch to deliver with love to our home-bound and sick congregants.
(Project leaders Diane Zipperstein & Debbi Hartzman; runs 10am to 1pm) 

Scrap-booking for Dreamers  (15 y/o+) When a dreamer passes away, the Dream Foundation commits to make a beautiful and colorful page to remember the dream they fulfilled, and offer a wonderful memento for their families. (Project leader Sandy Toye; runs 10am to 1pm)

Projects at BHY Preschool–  (Most ages) Build piklers and platforms to help enrich the children outdoor play and reading time (for teens and adults). For children, make cards filled with colors and kindness to deliver to the homeless. (Project leaders Greg Wittman, Itamar Kolvin & Stacie Raichelle, runs 10am to

Inspirational Path  (All ages – PreK friendly) Paint rocks and add inspirational words to create a colorful and inspirational path around the outdor prayer circle.  (Project leaders Jana Brody & Kat Martin; runs 10am to 1pm) 

Cape for A Hero – (Need basic sewing knowledge) Join Women of B’nai B’rith (WoBB) & Hadassah in making superhero capes for children and siblings of children fighting cancer. Bring a smile and extra strength to these little heroes through the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation! (Project leaders Sue Levine & Arlene Raphael, runs 10am to 1 pm)

Knotting With Love  (Most ages – On site) Join other crafty mitzvah-doers to make flannel blankets for adults. (Project leader Jana Young; runs 10am to 1pm)  

Hands-On Projects led by Men of B’nai B’rith (MoBB) – (10 + y/o- all genders welcome!) Help install a new irrigation system (1st step towards a new orchard!), help seal the seats/logs in the praying circle and create a path around it. (Project leaders Dan Habecker & David Gaynes, runs 10am to 1pm)

Animal Mitzvah – (All ages, recommended for kids). Make toys for shelter animals and help prepare evacuation kits for pets. Ensure that our four-legged friends are well treated. (Project leader Annie Sostrin, runs 10am to 1pm) 

Sympathy Cards – (All ages, recommended for kids). The Dream Foundation delivers sympathy cards to patients fighting cancer. Bring your love and creative ideas and spark someones day with kin words.  (Project leaders Danielle Drossel & Jen Lewis, runs 10am to 1pm) 

Ubumwe Preschool  –  (All ages – Recommended for PreK-5th grade). Come to our booth to write letters and make drawings to send to our friends in Rwanda. (Project leaders Pam Gunther & Ellen Hunter, runs 10am to 1pm)

Caring Community Bags – (All ages) Help design beautiful bookmarks and make paper flowers to add to the care bags. (Project leader Susan LeVine, runs 10am to 1pm)

Ozrim Team – (Most ages) We need volunteers to help greet and sign up volunteers in the morning, direct people, & serve lunch. YOU CAN COMBINE THIS WITH OTHER PROJECTS ON SITE. (For questions contact Mariela at

Off-Site Projects

 Eco-Project – (18+ y/o) Join other nature lovers at the San Marcos Foothill Preserve to help restore native grassland for the sake of breeding birds. We will meet at CBB and drive from there a few minutes to the place. (Project leader Julie Wood, runs 10:30am to 1:30pm)

PATH – (All ages- children accompanied by adult) Help sort through donations to get ready for the winter! This organization helps people find permanent housing and provides case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy, and more. (Project leader – Paul Zakrzewski, runs 10:30am to 1pm)

Joy Thru Song – (All ages) Join in the mitzvah of gladdening the hearts of the amazing residents of Hillside House with 1/2 hour of uplifting song. We will form a choir with a quick rehearsal at CBB and then drive to Hillside House. All singers are welcome and need to plan to drive or find a ride. The audience is very appreciative and will warm your hearts.   (Project leader Cantor Mark Childs, runs 10am to 1pm)

Planned Parenthood Book Sale – ( 18 y/o+) We’ll drive to the Book Sale Warehouse near Old Town Goleta, get a behind-the-scenes tour, and then, with a little training, help clean and sort books for the annual fundraiser.  It’s great volunteer work for People of the Book! (Project leader – Skona Brittain, runs 10:30am to 1:00pm)

Friendship Manor Retirement Community – (All ages)  Join us as we treat the residents to a Holiday Show by the fabulous Sweet Strings Sisters followed by a Raffle and ‘Conversation & Goodies’ . The seniors love visitors and the conversation! Feel free to bring along your favorite goodies to share post-Show. Beverages provided.  (Project leader – Judi Shor & Gary Linker, runs 10:30am to 1:00pm)  

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