We’d like to wish an enormous thank you to everyone who made Purim so fabulous!

We’d like to wish an enormous thank you to everyone who made Purim so fabulous!

Thank you to the fabulous spiel-writing team of Cantor Jamie Marx, Phoebe Light, Cantor Mark Childs, and Aaron Ettenberg, who composed a hilarious Barbie-inspired take on the Purim story for us all to enjoy, as well as the spiel actors (Cantor Mark, Rabbi Daniel, Jen Lewis, Rabbi Cohen, Phoebe Light, Aaron Ettenberg, Elizabeth Gaines, Linda Kaufman, Leah Savage, Julia George, and Laura Habecker)

Thanks to the tech team of Mark Casselman, Daniel Heitner, Melodie Lee, and Elena Ibbetson, who did a great job of putting the spiel on for everyone!

Thank you as well to the AMAZING group of teen and adult volunteers—this amazing group sold tickets, hamentaschen, and food, ran carnival games, and did so many other tasks to ensure that all the kids and adults at the carnival had a fantastic time!

Thank you in particular to: Beth Casselman for taking the lead on punch cards and raffle tickets; Nancy Collins for heading up the hamantaschen contest and sales; and to our education trustees, Dan Phillips, Moran Golan & Nancy Sinai, for helping with carnival and raffle planning.

Thank you as well to those who donated items for our big-ticket raffle:
Eliana and Drake Whitcraft – wine tasting at Whitcraft Winery and five bottles of wine (Janet Wolf, winner)
Suzanne Kaljian-Cohen and Michael Cohen – Channel Islands kayaking expedition and swag from Santa Barbara Adventure Company (Truitt family, winner) Disneyland Grand Raffle Prize – (Cohn family, winner)

Thank you hamantaschen bakers for the delicious cookies!

Thanks to the hamantaschen contest judges for sampling and analyzing a delicious array of hamantaschen:
Rabbi Daniel, Skona Brittain, and Ross Melczer

Hamantaschen baking contest winners:
YOUTH – Skyler Kennedy and Sofia Whitcraft
ADULT – Hilary Johnson and Robin Nabi

Thank you Shira Kronfeld, owner and artist of Balloon Story Santa Barbara, for her generous contribution of time and talent to our Purim Carnival.

Thank you to the Cerf Family who donated a hot dog machine to our Purim carnival supplies (after donating cotton candy, popcorn and snow cone machines in previous years!)

Thank you Martina Albert for contributing your time and talent to providing such delightful face paintings.

Thank you to Abad Vallejo and the maintenance team for making it possible for us to transport, set up and clean up all of our goodies off site!

Thanks to Luna Jumps, whose bounce houses are always a highlight.

Thanks to Considered Coffee, who kept us deliciously caffeinated throughout the carnival.

Lastly, thank you to Dos Pueblos High School for the use of your theater and campus!