Welcome to Jewish Learning Programs 2020-2021

Join the Jewish Journey!   

This year, more than ever, we need to come together as a Jewish Community in whatever ways we can.  We invite you to register for Jewish Learning Programs at CBB and join the offerings when it feels comfortable, safe, purposeful and needed for your family.  Our program will be unique, meaningful, warm and inviting.

It will also recognize that JLP will necessarily be different this year.  We recognize that the challenges of not gathering together in a single room preclude us from certain activities we are used to doing.  But the Talmud teaches us the words of Rav Kahana, “Gam Zeh Torah- This too, is Torah.  Part of our method this year will be uncovering the Jewish lessons permeating our current situation.  Everything we do in life can be Torah if we open ourselves to it. We will find holiness and kavanah in ways we’ve never imagined. Whether on Zoom, connecting through celebrations and activities at home, or coming together weekly or monthly at CBB in small, safe groups – we will continue to help you build a strong Jewish family by fostering your child’s Jewish identity, strong values, understanding of Judaism and a commitment to Jewish community, in a wide array of experiences and opportunities.

Information & Registration

Click your child’s grade level to learn more and register for the 2020-21 school year.


Financial Aid

All registrations should be submitted before the start of school and must be accompanied by a payment or payment plan.  We know that many of our congregants experience financial hardship, especially during these difficult times. We are here to help. An inability to pay full or partial tuition should never be a barrier between your child and their positive experience with Jewish education. Questions of deferred payment or financial hardship should be discussed privately with the Executive Director, Elizabeth Gaynes, Elizabeth@cbbsb.org, in conjunction with the submission of this financial aide form.

Click here to download your Financial Aid Application.

Can’t find the answers you need? Having trouble with the registration form? Please contact Director of Jewish Learning Programs, Jen Lewis (jen@cbbsb.org ) with any questions.