Mechina: 9th-12th Grade
What You Need to Know

Tuition: $1,500

At Mechina, high school students have an opportunity to be surrounded by their Jewish Family at CBB. Whether you’ve had a decade of schooling together or you’re new to our community, you’ll enjoy this time together to be Jewish, to be who you are, to grow, learn, laugh, eat and play together with other Jewish High School students.

In the midst of your busy lives, it is valuable to take this short time each week to connect in ways that do not apply to in your secular school settings.  Step away from the AP classes and academic course loads, take a break from the demands of sports teams and the pressures of teen life, and come to spend a little time with your friends and CBB family.  It’s good for your soul and your mental health!

On Wednesday nights, there is a great deal of opportunity to socialize, and we offer a wide variety of casual learning opportunities in elective fashion throughout the year (Typically 2-3 class choices for 5-6 weeks each). Courses are taught in rotation by our Clergy, Laurie Greene, Jen Lewis, Alisse Block, Mira Brynjegard Bialik and a host of visiting community members related to subjects such as:

  • Jewish Arts (Painting, ceramics, etc.)
  • Jewish Music (Singing, writing, playing)
  • Jewish Cooking
  • Conversational Hebrew
  • Torah Study
  • Political Discussion/debate
  • Meditation and Spiritual Discovery
  • Community Service
  • Leadership
  • Holocaust
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Storytelling or Story Writing
  • Courses created by student passion and interest (What do you want to learn?)

We end with a short t’fillah (prayer session), time for sharing or group discussion before saying L’hitraot, and looking forward to the next time we come together.

WITH ENROLLMENT IN MENCHINA, High School students can also look forward to these events:

  • Optional dinner at 6pm on Wednesdays
  • Confirmation Class (12th Grade only) will meet 6 times per year with Rabbi Brenner
  • Mechina Night Hike with Rabbi Steve (March 22,2023)
  • Priority for High school retreat opportunities during the year.
  • Become a classroom madrich/madricha

WITHOUT ENROLLMENT IN MECHINA, High School students can also be invited to join or hold leadership positions in the following:

  • Hanukah Cabaret/Hannukkah Fun Night
  • Purim Carnival
  • Mitzvah Day
  • Continue as classroom madrich/madricha
  • Join SBORTY (High school youth group)
  • Run for leadership position on SBORTY Board
  • Retreat opportunities

We look forward to helping you discover your Jewish identity and have a positive Jewish experience, through your adolescent years!