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Gam Zeh Torah (This, too, is Torah) 2020-2021

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6th Grade (B’mitzvah):

Regular Monthly Programming (required for B’mitzvah track students): $ 1,750

  • Monthly in-person, small group, outdoor session with Eric (when safe)
  • 1-2 Sundays per month, Zoom class with Cantor Mark and/or Alisse (maybe in-person 2021)
  • Weekly Hebrew classes : Private/Semi Private 30 minutes Zoom
  • Monthly Shabbat Learning Service (Saturday morning 9:30-10:15)
  • 3x per year, Moving Traditions Family Workshop (Preceeding and including Saturday morning Shabbat service)
  • Trope Class 30 min. once per week for 3 months, Zoom with Cantor. Classes beginning approx. 8 months before b’mitzvah date and before Torah learning begins (Unique for each student, you will be contacted).
  • January Camp Ramah Retreat if possible

Additional Options and offerings (may vary):

  • Monthly hike or elective choice day (Divided K-3 and 3-6)
  • Weekly Olam HaTorah – Minecraft Building Class
  • Monthly Arts lesson with Laurie or other specialist
  • Monthly Video Project Assembly – whole school