HIP: What You Need to Know

2 days per week:

Sundays 8:45 – 9:25am (Before Sunday Class) OR– 12:15 – 12:55pm (After Sunday Class)

AND Wednesday or Thursday 4:00 – 5:45pm

Tuition $650



Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) is an opportunity for students to experience a taste of Israel and immersion in the Hebrew language through games, songs, discussions, stories, art, writing, reading, cooking and other activities.

Students enjoy time with our Hebrew Specialist Yifat Nahmias as she helps them enjoy Hebrew in a mixed age/grade classroom two days per week. Class meets before or after school on Sundays, and one afternoon mid-week. You can select from the class choices based on your personal schedule needs.

Students can enter HIP as beginners in Kindergarten or 1st Grade and continue until 3rd grade. Yifat has incredible skill in making the class fun while helping each student progress at his/her own rate and level. Though the expectation is not for HIP students to become fluent in Hebrew, our HIP students develop a love for Hebrew and show obvious signs of acceleration in reading and understanding when entering our 4th Grade Golden Aleph Hebrew Reading program.

Students will enjoy exposure to common Hebrew phrases and relevant words in their own lives. They will have practice speaking, reading and writing these Hebrew words.   Some Hebrew words and exposure are introduced in the regular Sunday class, as well, through our Hebrew Through Movement program, but until 4th grade, this is not a main focus of our standard program. If you are interested in substantial exposure to Hebrew and Israeli culture, the HIP program is for you!

For more information, download our flyer or contact Yifat Nahmias at yifatron@cox.net