4th Grade: What You Need to Know

Sundays  9:30 AM-12:30 PM

AND Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 30-45 minute Hebrew sessions (pick one)

Annual Tuition: $2,100


This year, our 4th Grade class will be learning about Judaism together, through a series of deep dive units spanning 4-5 weeks each. The units will each be based on one primary text, one mitzvah/value and one long term project to engage the students and foster understanding.  These experiential lessons will be connected by an annual theme of JEWISH CULTURE.  Our program also has many other exciting activities each week such as, Hebrew Through Movement (interactive Hebrew), Community Building activities, play time, snack time, t’fillah (prayer) time, stories, occasional fieldtrips, opportunities for parent involvement and choice “chugim” (electives) for 3rd – 5th graders .

NOTE: Camp Ramah 3rd-8th Grade Weekend Retreat scheduled for January 27-29, 2023.


  • Know the names of all their classmates, teachers and classroom helpers
  • Feel that they are an important part of the class community
  • Have a basic and lasting understanding of the 4 “deep dive” Judaic lessons focused on JEWISH CULTURE.
  • Know 60+ Hebrew words and their meaning
  • Have mastered the aleph bet – the names of the letters and their sounds


MID WEEK HEBREW (mandatory for all levels of Hebrew Students 4th -6th grades)

With a new flexible schedule, small reading groups and an incentive style, mid-week program called “Golden Aleph”, your student’s Hebrew abilities will soar!  Beginning with mastery of the aleph bet and all its sounds, through mastery of many Hebrew prayers, your student will enjoy learning to read Hebrew and Prayers which will prepare them for B’mitzvah and beyond!



All levels meet Tuesday, Wednesday OR Thursday between 3-6pm.  Lessons are 45 minutes for beginners (alef bet/ small groups) and then merge to private or semi-private (1-2 students) 30 minutes each for all prayer study students.

Private lessons were a silver lining of the pandemic times and we’ve decided to continue. They are minimal, convenient and flexible for the families and extremely productive and focused for the students and teachers.   Choose ONLY ONE TIME SLOT FOR THE YEAR in addition to the Sunday class for all!  Watch for sign-ups in late August.

Click on Golden Aleph to learn more about the program and schedule.


4th GRADE parents are expected to make every effort to participate in:

  • Opening and Closing Day assemblies and family activities

There are also MANY other optional opportunities in which parents can get involved, such as a hike with Rabbi Steve Cohen or helping with the Purim Carnival.