The Human Family Project

Diverse Communities Honoring Our Shared Humanity

The Human Family Project of Santa Barbara advances the understanding that ALL people are part of the same human family with shared needs, hopes and concerns for themselves and their families. Our network of faith, ethnic and community service organizations:

  • Holds “Come and Learn” events hosted by our member groups to strengthen intergroup friendship and understanding

  • Runs an annual conference of all member groups

  • Organizes large-scale community solidarity events as necessary

Three Components of Our Work

1. Monthly “Come and Learn” events hosted by member groups

The Human Family Project creates opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to become curious about and comfortable with their fellow human beings. Through intergroup encounters in which we exchange our stories, music, food, and traditions, The Human Family Project allows us all to discover that deep down, we are not very different. We are each other’s brothers and sisters.

2. Annual Community-Wide Conference

Every year The Human Family Project will convene a gathering of representatives from all member organizations for a day of panels, workshops and small group discussions for sharing, listening and learning about each other.

3. Large-Scale Community Solidarity Events

When necessary, in response to acts of hatred on the local, national or world stage, members of The Human Family Project come together and stand in solidarity to deliver a forceful message of hope and unity.

Becoming Part of the Human Family Project

Faith communities, ethnic groups, school groups, and service organizations are all invited to become part of The Human Family Project. Member groups agree to:

Recruit a team of members from your community who will attend activities of The Human Family Project, including “Come and Learn” events hosted by other communities, monthly General Meetings, Annual Conference and Community Service Project.

Host a “Come and Learn” event, to be scheduled in coordination with the Steering Committee of The Human Family Project, to share your stories, foods, culture, and traditions with members of other communities and organizations.

Designate at least one individual in your organization to serve as a contact with The Human Family Project.

If your organization is ready to enroll in The Human Family Project,
please complete the sign-up form below and send it to:
Rabbi Steve Cohen
Congregation B’nai B’rith
1000 San Antonio Creek Rd
Santa Barbara, 93111

Or for more information, email

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