Thank you for thinking about membership at Congregation B’nai B’rith. Please browse our website to get more information about what we offer and who we are.

Membership Not Required
You do not need to be a member to participate in CBB’s programs.  All are welcome to join us for Shabbat and Holy Day worship, to attend our adult education classes, to join in our community service projects, and so forth.  Some people attend these activities for years without becoming synagogue members, and we welcome them.

Membership is a Decision
In deciding to become a member of CBB, you are choosing to join us in our mission of “building together a warm and vibrant house of living Judaism.”  This is our shared work, the task which binds us together into a community.  You should consider joining if and when this mission comes to seem important to you.

Benefits of Membership
When you (as an individual or as a family) decide to join us as a member, to join in our shared mission, you will begin to experience many benefits:

a. life becomes more meaningful, in joining together with others in important work

b. you enter into a network of relationships.  There are many sub-communities within CBB, and we work hard to help all new members find others with whom you will become friends, co-workers, and team-mates

c. you have direct access to our Rabbis, our Cantor, our Educational and Administrative staff members

Responsibilities of Membership
i. participation.  It is impossible for anyone to participate in all of our programs, which happen every day of the year.  But we hope that each and every one of our members will find an activity or activities which they enjoy and can attend with some regularity.

ii. financial support.  Our congregation includes members who have significant wealth and also individuals on the brink of homelessness, and everything in between.  We all commit to supporting the financial health of our congregation as generously as we are able.

iii. communication.  We can only work together if we are all communicating with each other effectively—expressing ourselves clearly and listening closely.  This includes sharing information about the life of the community, and also about our individual lives, our joys and sorrows, our searching and our discoveries.
For more information about joining the Temple or the membership process please contact Elizabeth Gaynes, Executive Director. The Temple number is 805-964-7869.