Leaving friends and family, and moving to another city (sometimes from another state) is a big undertaking. We don’t have to tell you that there are many details that need to be attended to. Let us help you get settled in Santa Barbara. We can connect you with a real estate agent, doctors and dentists. If you have children, we can introduce you to other parents. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you become more acquainted with your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Jews live in Santa Barbara?
Jews live everywhere. Santa Barbara does not have a predominately Jewish neighborhood like you would find in Los Angeles or New York. Many of our members tell us that the synagogue is even more important in a community like Santa Barbara because it is one of the few gathering place where Jews can feel a strong sense of Jewish identity.

What is it like living in a community that is not primarily Jewish?
One of the best ways to be connected with other Jews is to get involved in our community. The community is wonderfully diverse and incredibly embracing. We have members of our community who have moved from other parts of the country and would be happy to chat with you about their experience living in Santa Barbara.

Is there a Jewish deli in Santa Barbara?
No, regrettably there is no Jewish deli.  However, Gelsons on upper State Street has a deli counter. Downtown you can find Bitterman’s Deli and Nortons.  Both serve up pastrami sandwiches. Trader Joe’s has a mean corned beef that you can serve up at home. The closest deli is Brent’s in WestlakeVillage which is south of Santa Barbara and north of Los Angeles.

I keep kosher – where do I buy kosher meat?
Gelson’s (on the corner of State St and Las Positas St) carries kosher meat and has the largest selection of Jewish foods in Santa Barbara. Trader Joes (there are 3 in Santa Barbara) carries kosher meat as well.

Do you know any real estate agents?
Yes, we do. The temple has many members that are real estate agents in the area. If you would like the names of agents please call the office at 805-964-7869.

What about schools. Can you tell me what schools are the best?
We would be happy to put you in contact with members of CBB who can share with you their experience with Santa Barbara Schools. If you are interested, send a message to our Executive Director, Elizabeth Gaynes. She can be reached at elizabeth@cbbsb.org.

Are you planning a trip to Santa Barbara?
Would you like to meet with someone at the Temple? A member of CBB’s Membership Team would love to spend some time with you. Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@cbbsb.org or 805-964-7869 x 111.