7th grade: What You Need to Know


1 day per week: Wednesdays 6-8 PM

Plus additional Bar/bat mitzvah training with Cantor Mark (scheduled privately)*

Tuition $1,750


As our students move into middle school, towards and beyond their B’Mitzvah, they will be diving into deeper subjects and methods of learning.  In our 7th grade classes, students will be challenged to discover for themselves what Judaism means to them and what their place is in the greater community.

B’Mitzvah class time will be spent doing hands-on projects and learning from each other through conversation and active engagement.  In this pivotal year, 7th graders will have Rabbi Steve Cohen and Director of Jewish Learning, Jen Lewis, as their teachers.   Rabbi Steve will guide the students through a study of Torah with passion and enthusiasm that only OUR Rabbi can offer. Jen will support their learning with projects, community service and a deeper understanding of what it means to take their place as an adult in the Jewish Community.  By the end of 7th Grade and the B’Mitzvah cycle, these students will have created tight bonds with each other which will carry through into their adult Jewish lives.

* The B’Mitzvah student will study for his/her simcha with a lot of individualized instruction.  The student will begin working with a private Hebrew tutor ten months before the event.  A list of local tutors will be provided and it will be up to your family to schedule sessions and provide payment directly to the tutor.  A student generally meets privately with his/her tutor once per week, and sessions are generally $30 for 30 thirty minutes.

Five months before the simcha, the student will start meeting with Cantor Mark Childs (also 30 minute sessions) in order to learn to chant their individual Torah portion.  These private instructional sessions are included in the cost of tuition.  Also included in the tuition are five (45 minute) writing sessions with Judy Karin, our D’var Torah coach.

Some students stop meeting with their private Hebrew tutors when they actively begin studying with Cantor, while others continue to require this additional instruction.  The B’Mitzvah studies are personalized to each student’s needs and are designed to promote a successful and fulfilling milestone experience.