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We are Stronger Together

Unity Shoppe provides disaster case management for individuals and families affected by disaster.

Caseworkers facilitate in-kind support, provide direct services, referrals, recovery planning, monitoring and advocacy to help clients navigate the complexity of their individual recovery needs successfully.

Support with:
• Food assistance throughout the year
• Clothing and personal care items
• Items such as furniture or household goods
• Assistance finding housing
• Financial aid resources
• Advocacy
• Legal referrals
• Document replacement
• Referral to counseling and spiritual care
• Information and referrals: home repair /
debris removal / rebuilding
• Support with filling out forms
• Assistance understanding available

Visit the Unity Shoppe or contact:
Elvira Avina and Quinn Yowell
(805) 979-9499
Disaster Services: 11am – 5pm

Check Up-to-Date Evacuation & Debris Flow Risk Maps at:

Montecito Mudslide Response Groups

At our community meeting on Monday night 1/15/18, our Jewish community formed seven working groups to address various needs in the aftermath of the Montecito mudslides. To join a group still in need of volunteers, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Offer Form, and check the group you are interested in joining in the “Sub-Committee Volunteer” section.

  1. First Responders –First responders are working 24/7 to search for missing people and clean up the mud. They work 12-hour shifts and themselves have needs that have not yet been met. We want to provide some opportunities for them to have healthy meals, recharge, and to show our appreciation for their hard work.
  2. CBB members displaced – Many CBB members had to leave their homes and are either staying with friends, in hotels, or in other temporary accommodations. Many have children, dogs, or others to take care of. Some left everything behind and others haven’t been able to get back to their homes to check its condition. So many different situations and needs have arisen in light of the current events and we want to help as much as we can.
  3. People who have lost their jobs – We know them, they take care of our gardens, they clean our houses, they serve us a drink at the local bar, or clean the pool. These are the service workers that live from pay-check to pay-check, and don’t have a job right now. We also know those who had businesses in the area and need a hand too.
  4. Families who have lost loved ones – The loss in the community has been devastating and we want to support with love, legal advice, counseling, and thinking of ways to honor our loved ones.
  5. Crane School(This Group is Currently Full & Closed) We are welcoming Crane students and teachers and opening our doors to host them. They will be studying at CBB for the next few weeks or months. We want to make sure that they welcomed and make this transition a bit easier.
  6. CBB members and others dealing with major loss – Many people have lost their homes or are facing severe damage. We are providing support in many different ways.

If you have questions about our response groups, please contact Mariela Socolovsky at (805)964-7869 ext.104/

Needs/ Offers Resource List

CBB is keeping a confidential list of those who have needs due to impact from the Montecito mudslides, and those who can offer support of various kinds, in order to match up “needs” and “offers”. Executive Director Elizabeth Gaynes and support staff are contacting both parties to determine a fit between needs and offers, and information remains confidential.

  • Offers: If you would like to offer help, please CLICK HERE to fill out our form.
  • Needs: We are reaching out to our congregants in the affected areas, and would like to hear from you if you have specific needs; please contact Elizabeth Gaynes at (805)964-7869 ext.111/

Other Ways to Help in Santa Barbara

Other Resources

Info about the Local Recovery & Assistance Center

Available Rentals

To search furnished rentals, visit: and click the red button for “furnished”.
Anyone at CBB that HAS a furnished rental to offer can email all the details to Ani Pollick and she will enter it into the MLS:

Animal shelters for evacuees’ animals

It’s recommended to call first if possible.

For information on the gas service suspension click on the link below

For other/more information, go to, or call 211 or outside the 805- area code, call toll free to (800) 400-1572.

The county has established an additional call center for assistance at (805) 681-5542 or text to (805) 699-0165.

Free Professional Emergency Trauma Counseling

Jewish Family Service (JFS) is offering 6 to 8 weeks of FREE professional emergency trauma counseling and referrals to those in need. Please contact JFS directly by calling (805) 957-1116 to schedule an appointment with one of our professional clinicians.

Resources at the Bronfman Family JCC (542 Chapala Street) 

  • The Kosher food pantry is open and available to the entire community.
  • The Schmooze Room Nutritional Lunch program, held every Tuesday from 12:00-1:00 pm is now open to the entire community, and whoever may need a free nutritional lunch during this time. RSVPs are requested, by calling (805) 957-1115, but are not required.
  • Wellness programs, such as Yoga, are available as regularly scheduled, and the JCC is a great place to rest, relax and enjoy some local art. For more information on our classes & programs visit our Online Community Calendar.
  • An Emergency Fire and Flood Relief Fund has been established to support those in need. To contribute, please click HERE.
  • The Jewish Federation and Jewish Family Service of Santa Barbara has made arrangements with Jewish Free Loan of Los Angeles (JFLA) to provide help to our community during this time of need:
    • JFLA has doubled their interest-free emergency loans to $5,000/$10,000 (for personal loans) and $30,000 (for business loans)
    • Please contact Susan Nemetz with JFLA directly at (323) 761-8836 for more information and an application. Please inform Susan that you are calling from either the Santa Barbara or the Ventura area. Loans can be for any critical need: housing, food, bills, household goods, clothing, etc. Susan will mail or e-mail the paperwork to complete, and since transportation has been impacted by the mudslides, Susan will Skype with applicants to finalize the application process.
    • More information about these loans:
      • For $5,000 or less, applicants will need 1 co-signer with a credit score of 680+ and a steady income.
      • For more than $5,000 they will need 2 co-signers.
      • JFLA will need 7-10 days to process the applications and if approved, they will send a check directly to the borrower.
      • Repayment begins 4-6 weeks after the borrower receives their check.
      • Payments are very manageable, and loans are COMPLETELY INTEREST-FREE.

Free Help for Small Businesses

This CBB webpage is being updated as circumstances and resources change and emerge. Please check back frequently for updates. Last updated 4/3/18.

CLICK TO DONATE to CBB’s Mudslide Relief Fund

Check out the gracious thanks from 805 Conservation Collective and LifeChronicles, two of the organizations that we are supporting!

Click on each image to learn more about how these organizations are helping to heal our community: