Thank you to all who made our CBB UnGala a success for Jewish Education!
Join us in Celebrating our Educators at our

Celebratory Community Shabbat
this Friday, March 26, @ 6pm

(See the CBB Calendar to Join)

Thank you to our sponsors 

Marian & Rabbi Steve Cohen             Mandy & Daniel Hochman               Zegar Family Fund

Sharon Landecker & Glen Holden / Anonymous / Deborah Naish & Howard Babus / Nancy Barasch / Jay Beckerman & Marlene Gordon-Beckerman / Louise Blumberg-Wyner / Tracy & Michael Bollag/ Robin & Dan Cerf / Valerie & Aaron Edelheit / Elizabeth & David Gaynes / Natalie Gaynes / Nina Gelman-Gans & Ron Gans / Steve, Debbie & Ruth Hartzman /  Lauren Katz / Pamela Larsson-Toscher/ Martie Levy & Richard Parisse/ Fran & Michael Lewbel / Susan & Robert Lieff / Mrs. Raymond King Myerson / Julie Nadel / Jamie & Josh Narva / Betsy & Charles Newman/ Lisa & David Raphael / Joan & Bob Rothenberg /Amy & Lee Silverman / Carrie Towbes & John Lewis / Rachel & Walt Wilson / Marcy & Jon Wimbish / Laura & Geof Wyatt / Diane & Steve Zipperstein

And to our partners

Sophia Gaynes, graphic design / Blackbird Architects & Van Atta Associates/ JPR Financial Services /  Schipper Construction

Thank you on behalf of the whole CBB community
from your UnGala Co-chairs,

Marcy Wimbish, Development VP / Lisa Raphael, Fundraising Events Trustee
Julia George, BHY Fundraising Chair / Jillian Wittman, JLP Fundraising Chair


Thank you for helping us fulfill our community commitment to ensuring that we welcome every preschooler, child, teen, and adult who wants to learn and live a Jewish life.  Now more than ever, this funding ensures that our CBB Jewish educational community remains accessible to all families – prior to, during and beyond the pandemic.