Congratulations! You have been given the honor of being called up for an aliya, in which you will chant the blessings before and after the reading of the Torah. Here is a brief guide to this honor:

* When your name is announced, walk up to the bima.

* If you are wearing a prayer shawl, the Rabbi or Torah reader will point to the word on the scroll where he or she will begin reading. Take the tzitzit (fringes) from a corner of your prayer shawl and touch them to the word; you may bring the tzitzit to your lips as an expression of your love for the Torah.

* Recite the “Blessing Before the Reading of the Torah” (see below).

* The Torah reader will chant the portion.

* At its conclusion, the Rabbi or Torah reader will point to the final word that was read. Again, touch it with the tzitzit as noted above.

* Recite the “Blessing After the Reading” (see below). (The text of the blessings, in both Hebrew and transliteration, will be available for your use at the Torah reading table.)

*Move to the other side of the podium and remain there for one more aliyah.

* receive a hardy “Yasher koach!” for a job well done!

Torah Blessings 

Torah Blessings (audio recording)