Birthday Blessings

Birthday blessings are bestowed typically the first Friday of every month during the Friday night service.  We welcome you to come to services and, when called up by the clergy, come up with the others celebrating their birthday that month to receive a special sticker and birthday blessing. Mazel tov!

Anniversary Blessings

If you would like to be blessed the Shabbat of your anniversary please contact Audrey at 964-7869 or She will set up with you and the clergy to have a special anniversary blessing given at a Friday night service.

Other Requests for Blessings

As a community we welcome the opportunity to mark times of transition and change in your life.  Perhaps:

  • A child is leaving home for college,
  • you or a family member is coming out as homosexual,
  • you are celebrating an anniversary,
  • or moving into a new home
  • you or your family member are ill and you need support or resources
  • a pet has passed.

We want to be to here as a community to offer support and resources.

Some ways that you can include us in your life transition include but are by no means limited to:

  • let the CBB Caring Committee or clergy know what’s happening (Caring Committee can be notified through Audrey in the front office, Audrey can also schedule a conversation with you and the clergy),
  • if it’s a time to celebrate, have your friends make or bring a special treat to share with the community on a Friday night or Saturday after services,
  • help set up or sponsor kiddish or an oneg (contact Audrey Okaneko in the office),
  • or meet with a member of the clergy to receive a blessing (schedule an appointment with Audrey Okaneko in the office).