As a community we welcome the opportunity to mark times of transition and change in your life.  Perhaps:

  • A child is leaving home for college,
  • you or a family member is coming out as homosexual,
  • you are celebrating an anniversary,
  • or moving into a new home
  • you or your family member are ill and you need support or resources
  • a pet has passed.

We want to be to here as a community to offer support and resources.

Some ways that you can include us in your life transition include but are by no means limited to:

  • let the CBB Caring Committee or clergy know what’s happening (Caring Committee can be notified through Audrey in the front office, Audrey can also schedule a conversation with you and the clergy),
  • if it’s a time to celebrate, have your friends make or bring a special treat to share with the community on a Friday night or Saturday after services,
  • help set up or sponsor kiddish or an oneg (contact Ron Gleiberman at,
  • or meet with a member of the clergy to receive a blessing (schedule an appointment with Audrey Okaneko in the office).