These photos are from Jana’s silk painting classes with the students at the Ubumwe school, in Rwanda.

We are engaged in exciting projects with the Ubumwe Center, and will be co-sponsoring an event with the Morris Squire Foundation entitled, “Our Family in Rwanda” a portrait exhibit, presentation and fundraiser for the Ubumwe Center, April 24th, 4 PM – 6 PM.

To give donations for the Ubumwe Center go to our Donate Form, and select “Ubumwe Center Project Fund” toward the bottom of the drop-down list.

Jana Brody described her interactions at the school, while teaching her silk painting class.


“They made flags and brightly painted  signs that now hang all over the school and add color. CBB helped pay for the art supplies, and you can see above Jana’s head the ABC signs that were made at one Mitzvah Day a few years back led by Nina Gans.”

“So fun to share the skills I learned from the silk painting workshops at CBB across the globe.”


“One teacher asked me if the kids could paint the map of Rwanda, and all the districts..and I nicely replied No; they do so much rigorous study in the other classes, I explained, this is the chance for free expression.”

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