Jewish Learning Programs: 2nd Grade

///Jewish Learning Programs: 2nd Grade
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2nd GRADE: What You Need to Know

1 day per week: Sundays 9:30am – 12:30pm

Tuition $840



This year, our 2nd Grade class will be learning about Judaism through a series of deep dive units spanning 4-5 weeks each. The units will each be based on one primary text, one mitzvah/value and one long term project to engage the students and foster understanding.  These experiential lessons will be connected by an annual theme of OUR BODIES AND JUDAISM.  Our program also has many other exciting activities each week such as, Hebrew Through Movement (interactive Hebrew), Community Building activities, play time, snack time, t’fillah (prayer) time, music, art, dancing, stories, occasional field-trips, opportunities for parent involvement and MORE!



• Know the names of all their classmates, teachers and classroom helpers
• Feel that they are an important part of the class community
• Have a basic and lasting understanding of the 5 “deep dive” Judaic lessons focused on OUR BODIES AND JUDAISM
• Know 30-50 Hebrew words and their meaning



2nd GRADE parents are expected to make every effort to participate in:

• Opening and Closing Day assemblies and family activities (Sept. 17th, 2017 & June 3th, 2018)
2nd GRADE Family Shabbat
2nd GRADE Family Education Day

There are also MANY other optional opportunities in which parents can get involved!



HEBREW IMMERSION PROGRAM (HIP) — Optional Supplemental Hebrew:

HIP is a continuing option for 2nd graders who began in K or 1st Grade. Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) provides a strong focus on Hebrew reading, language and Israeli Culture. For continuing HIP students, HIP is an optional class ($630), taught by Hebrew expert, Yifat Nahmias. Go to HIP page to learn more!

HIP has new meeting times! To accomodate busy schedules, the class will meet before (8:30 – 9:25am) OR after (12:15 – 12:55pm) for the regular Sunday program, AND one afternoon per week (either Wed. or Thurs. afternoon, 4:00 – 5:45pm).