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Our program offers high-quality early childhood education and a unique close-knit community where both children and parents make friends for life.

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BHY is a partnership between home, school, and community where children and their families feel welcome, recognized, and valuable. In this context, our families create bonds that start during the preschool years and extend beyond the classroom into lifelong friendships.

We encourage parents to share unique talents in the classroom, attend our Back-to-School BBQ and Parent Night, and be involved in our regular Parent Association meetings. We also support community-building beyond the classroom. School-sponsored First Friday Coffee, Tot Shabbat, and Parents Nights Out are examples of opportunities for parents and families to come together to learn, socialize, and have fun.

We understand that families are busy! To that end, there are no specific time- or volunteer-hour requirements for parents. However you choose to participate, parent involvement benefits your child’s education and strengthens family relationships, as well as our temple community.

BHY Preschool is a program of Congregation B’nai B’rith (CBB), Santa Barbara’s oldest and largest Jewish synagogue. Because of this special connection, we benefit from weekly Jewish song-time with Cantor Mark Childs, and stories on Shabbat with Rabbi Steve Cohen. We celebrate Shabbat together each Friday at school, and other Jewish holidays together with students, teachers, and parents.

Our students experience and learn about Jewish culture, values, and traditions in an age-appropriate way. Hearing Jewish songs and stories, tasting holiday foods, and kneading challah bread dough on Fridays for Shabbat are all ways children engage in Jewish learning.

Attending Jewish preschool can have a profound effect on the Jewish life of the entire family, especially when families engage in the yearly cycle of school celebrations and activities. Parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend school and temple events to strengthen these cultural and community connections.

Jewish tradition celebrates a diversity of viewpoints. We are an inclusive community and welcome children from all family types, racial/cultural, religious and other backgrounds.

Because BHY is the gateway to the temple for many families, friends made at BHY often continue their Jewish education together through elementary and high school in CBB’s Jewish Learning Programs.  This process enables BHY kids – and often their parents, too! – to create and sustain lifelong friendships.


Our son has come so very far this year. I am filled with pride for our big-little guy and I know he is/ready for “the next level” that is around the corner in kindergarten.  I credit your incredible preschool with supporting us and getting us to where we are today.  I will be forever grateful to have found BHY, and I talk it up every chance I get!

- Rebecca H.

I was so very impressed with the parent-teacher conference today, as well as our son’s progress that he made with you and the other teachers!

As a working parent, and our son also being a second child, the photo documents really blew me away. Even seeing how he held his pencil back in December vs. April was true empirical evidence of his growth.

I appreciate the time, energy, and love that you’ve shared with him this year.

Juri H.

Each of the staff has made an impact on my son, and I know through his tough times and great times he has always had your love and support. I couldn’t ask for anything more. He is more than ready to take that big leap to Kindergarten in the fall because you have prepared him socially, emotionally, and academically (notice social and emotional is first because that is the most important and so glad that you get that).

- Michelle W.

It’s really nice to have a preschool where you walk in and everyone says “Hi” to you. The staff, teachers, all the parents. It’s a real community.

- David H.