Together, we are building the CBB endowment to $20 million through legacy gifts that are pledged today and received over the next 20+ years.

The CBB endowment provides a firm, long-term financial foundation for our congregation. The income generated by our endowment supports CBB’s programs and bridges the gap between what our members contribute and our annual operating and reserve needs. Our hope is that everyone who possibly can, will leave a legacy gift.

If you have already provided for CBB in your estate plan, please let us know so we can acknowledge you and include you in the Children of the Covenant.

“How is it that so many ancient peoples have come and gone and we Jews are still here? It is only because we have always believed in the future, maintained our hope in the future, and prepared for the future.”

- Rabbi Stephen E. Cohen

How Can I Join Children of the Covenant?

You may include CBB in your estate plan, name CBB as beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance, leave property to CBB, or establish a gift annuity. If you have not already set up a will or trust, we urge you to do so in order to provide for your family and yourself. We can give you the names of attorneys with whom you may consult without cost or obligation.

There are many ways you can support the CBB Endowment, including in-lifetime giving. Please contact Elizabeth Gaynes, Executive Director for more information or to join Children of the Covenant: / (805) 964-7869 x111.

Membership acknowledgment includes a personalized ketubah; recognition at yearly CBB Gala, in Voices magazine, website name listing, and future physical donor wall; and a special COTC members aliyah during High Holy Day services.

Download Declaration of Intent Form

“I did not find this world desolate when I entered it. My ancestors had planted for me before I was born. So do I plant for those who will come after me.”

- The Talmud

Thank you to our Children of the Covenant members:

  • Anonymous (11)
  • Beverly & Richard Abrahams
  • Ronit & Albert z”l Anolick
  • Melanie Lansing z”l & Richard Baum z”l
  • Barbara & Yoav Ben-Horin
  • Marlyn Bernard Bernstein z”l
  • Judy & Burt Bernstein
  • Helga R. Carden
  • Wilma z”l & Burt Chortkoff
  • Rhoda & Jesse Colman
  • Ina & Aaron Ettenberg
  • Miriam Fineberg
  • Andee & Robert Gaines
  • Natalie & Ken z”l Gaynes
  • Viola S. z”l & Lester A. Girsh z”l
  • Sylvia Glass z”l
  • Helene Glassman
  • Jessica & Randy Glick
  • Ellen Goldman
  • Karen Greenberg
  • Pam Gunther
  • Ruth z”l & Gerald W. z”l Harter
  • Kenneth Hartoch
  • Deborah & Steve Hartzman
  • Ruth z”l & Bob z”l Hartzman
  • Daniel E. & Mandy Hochman
  • Ruelene z’l and Louis Hochman z”l
  • Jane & Terry Honikman
  • The Mort Cohen Family – Janice Ingrum
  • Erika Kahn
  • Judy Karin & Dan Cohen
  • May & Bert Karin
  • Lauren & Stephen z”l Katz
  • Judi & Alex Koper
  • Nancy & Jeffrey Kupperman
  • Sharon Landecker
  • David Landecker
  • Shirley & Seymour Lehrer
  • Nina Liff z”l
  • Julie Lopp
  • Sheba Lux
  • Lyons Family Trust – Cindy & Steve Lyons
  • Marta Martine-Strauss
  • Barbara & Ernie Marx
  • Sara Miller McCune
  • Gail S. Michelson z”l & Terry J. Madaus z”l
  • Barbara & Al z”l Mintzer
  • Eve Morong
  • Mrs. Raymond King Myerson
  • Deborah Naish & Howard Babus
  • Maeda Palius & Michael O’Kelley z”l
  • Madelyn & Jeff z”l Palley
  • Richard Parisse
  • Harriet Phillips
  • Marnie & Steven Pinsker
  • Elaine Potts
  • Armando Quiros z”l
  • Ellen & Robert Raede
  • Lisa and David Raphael
  • Lundy & Frederic Reynolds
  • Harold Richards z”l
  • Adele Rosen
  • Sheliya & Jeff Rosenblum
  • Gayle & Charles Rosenberg
  • Lauren Saltman
  • Eve Senn z”l
  • Lisa Serby
  • Nancy & Michael Sheldon
  • Evely Laser Shlensky
  • Amy & Lee Silverman
  • Halina W. & Albert J. z”l Sliverman – in memory of the Weinthal and Steinberg Families
  • Margaret Singer z”l
  • Arnold Spechler
  • Devora Sprecher
  • Susan z”l and Stephen Stone
  • Michael Tantleff
  • Sissy Taran
  • Leah & Bob z”l Temkin
  • Leslie Thomas
  • Anne & Michael z”l Towbes
  • Liat & Michael Wasserman
  • Betty Helton & Alex Weinstein
  • Marilyn & Joel Weixel
  • Cheryll & Murray z”l Welkowsky
  • Marcy & Jon Wimbish
  • Don Wolfe
  • Sara & Nick Woolf
  • Louise Blumberg-Wyner & Alan Wyner z”l
  • Albert Yenni z”l
  • Rabbi Ira Youdovin
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