CBB is excited to announce a new initiative with Youth Interactive (YI), presenting a series of meaningful and interactive opportunities to give back to the greater Santa Barbara youth community.

Youth Interactive is a local nonprofit organization that works to provide our community’s at-risk youth with practical tools for self-sufficiency. By serving as volunteers in YI’s ‘Get It Done’ program, CBB members will have a chance to provide crucial support in various ways to help at-risk youth achieve their goals, explore their interests, and transition to responsible adulthood.  We are not merely extending a helping hand, we are offering opportunities to build mutually enriching relationships beyond CBB’s campus.

About Youth Interactive

Founded in 2012 and located in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, Youth Interactive’s goal is to bridge opportunity and social divisions by providing creative young adults from all walks of life with the keys to self-sufficiency.

Their unique approach includes a mix of vocational, creative and real life business skills sets, to help ignite students’ imagination and provide them with new opportunities to develop the life skills needed to succeed beyond school.

To read more about their mission, programs, and team, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities


Have you been looking for the perfect way to give back to the greater Santa Barbara community; to utilize the skills you already have in helping others? We want you! There are three main programs through which CBB volunteers can get involved:

Academic Mentoring – Starting in the fall of 2016, each semester 10-15 academic mentors are needed who can tutor in specific subject areas such as Math, Science, English, Social Studies, etc.


Civic Volunteering – Develop one-on-one relationships with YI students in order to help facilitate a path to independence as they mature into adult life in Santa Barbara. Assist students as needed to help them acquire social and public services to which they might not otherwise have access. Examples include helping students open a bank account, obtaining an CA ID card, or helping students apply for post-secondary educational opportunities.

Experiential Opportunities – Assist Youth Interactive in identifying and securing enriching experiences beyond the entrepreneurial programs that YI teens cannot otherwise access or afford. These can range from offerings with area summer camps, occupational shadowing, fundraising for scholarships, and unique field trips during the school year.

Click on the links above to get more information and registration details for each.



Contact Dan Meisel, CBB’s Social Action Trustee at danielameisel@yahoo.com