The goal of the Civic Volunteers team is to develop one-on-one relationships with YI students in order to help facilitate a path to independence as they mature into adult life in Santa Barbara. Civic Volunteers will assist students as needed to help them acquire social and public services that they might not otherwise have access to. While the initial interaction with a YI student may be more task-oriented, our hope is some relationships will develop into more of a mentoring relationship if the students is open to it and the civic mentor has the time and desire.


We are looking for civic mentors who can:

• Act as an active and compassionate listener

• Help promote and guide independent problem solving skills

• Provide reliable adult mentorship

• Act as a confident and/or “cheerleader” for the student


Task Oriented Goals for Civic Mentors

• Help students plan for and pursue post-secondary dreams

~ Examples include: Help students navigate the application process for SBCC, federal financial aid (FAFSA), local financial aid applications, the DREAM Act, Schott School of Continuing Education, other vocational schools in the area as the need arises.

• Help students obtain government issued licenses, IDs, paperwork, etc

• Transport a student to the DMV to help them complete any applications or paperwork necessary to help make students more mobile and independent.

~ Examples include helping students obtain a driver’s licence, California ID card, driver’s education course enrollment, etc)

• Legal “Aid” Referrals

• Help connect the mentee to legal aid services in Santa Barbara through congregants who may be willing to work pro bono or help connecting students to SB Legal Aid offices.

• Miscellaneous

• Voter registration

• Opening a Bank Account


If you are interested in becoming a Civic Volunteer, please complete the application form.


Volunteer Agreement

If you have any questions, please contact the Civic Volunteer Team Leader Judy Mannaberg- Goldman at humbame@gmail.com