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CBB’s current facility on San Antonio Creek Road was dedicated in 1970. Its six (6) acres are nestled in the gorgeous foothills of Santa Barbara just north of the city limits.

The main building spans 10,000 square feet and houses the Girsh-Hochman Sanctuary (seats 200), Social Hall (3300 square feet), Small Chapel (300 square feet), large commercial kitchen and administrative and clergy offices.

The ReligiousSchool building is also about 10,000 square feet and includes 10 classrooms, art studio, lending library, snack shack, Religious School Director and secretary offices as well as more administrative offices.

The Preschool building is the newest addition at CBB, completed in 2003, adding 6,000 more square footage to the facility. The preschool includes 6 classrooms, teacher lounge, and an office for the Director of Early Childhood Education.

The Abrahams Outdoor Chapel is a wonderful venue, set up like a small amphitheater seating 150 people. It abuts a county park and is surrounded by mature oak trees indigenous to the region.

In addition, CBB boasts a 750 square foot front patio, 1500 square foot back patio and 1000 square foot picnic area.


Renting the Facility

Many of the rooms at CBB can be rented by our members for private events. CBB hosts weddings, retirement parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and more.

Most of the facility can be rented, and rental rates vary depending on the specific rooms and/or outdoor spaces needed. Rates are competitive.

Tables, chairs, china, utensils and glassware are also available to rent.

For more detailed information, please contact Director of Operations, Ron Gleiberman at (805) 964-7869 ext. 137 or at ron@cbbsb.org


Scheduling a Private Event at CBB

CBB is a very popular venue so booking well in advance is highly encouraged.

If you are interested in holding your event at the Temple, do not wait until the last minute. Weddings, for example, often book a year in advance.