• AlianceLivingDyingWhere do I want to spend the last days of my life?

  • Under what conditions do I want to be kept alive, and when do I want to be allowed to die?

  • Who do I want to make decisions for me if I am unable to decide for myself? 

These are big questions that most of us think about, but often fail to communicate about clearly with our family and doctors.

It is hard to hold this conversation in the midst of the swirling emotions of grief and guilt as a family member is approaching the end of their life. It is much better to have made our wishes clear before reaching the critical moment of decision-making….and to make sure that our family knows what these are.

At CBB, we are participating in a community-wide effort called “The Alliance for Living and Dying Well.” The Alliance encourages everyone to enter into these conversation with family and with their doctor. (See this Noozhawk Article about the Alliance).

The Alliance is working with us, local churches, retirement communities, and Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care &  SB Hospice, to encourage everyone to begin holding these conversations, using the “Five Wishes,” an Advance Health Care Directive used by Cottage Hospital, and other hospitals around the country.

FiveWishesWorkshopOn the 1st Monday of every month from 3 PM to 5 PM come learn more about the document, and discuss your own wishes with a  trained facilitator (please bring along a member of your family, if at all possible).

For more info contact Jessica in the Temple Office at jessica@cbbsb.org or (805)964-7869; or Susan at the Alliance for Living and Dying Well at (805) 845-5314. You may also want to visit the Alliance’s excellent website.


These monthly events are free and open to the public.