Jewish Learning Programs: 6th Grade

///Jewish Learning Programs: 6th Grade
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6th grade/CB3: What You Need to Know

2 days per week: Sundays 4-6pm AND Wednesday OR Thursday/ (3:30 – 5pm) OR (4:30 – 6pm)

Tuition $1,650




As our students move into adolescence and continue the journey towards their B’nai Mitzvah, they will be diving into deeper subjects and methods of learning.  Students will be challenged to discover for themselves what Judaism means to them and what their place is in the greater community.

In our CB3 program, class time will be spent doing hands-on projects and learning from each other through conversation and active engagement.  Most of our time together won’t even be in a classroom!  By the end of 7th Grade and the B’nai Mitzvah cycle, these students will have created tight bonds with each other which will carry through into their adult Jewish lives.

MID WEEK HEBREW (mandatory for all levels of Hebrew Students 4th-6th grades): With a new flexible schedule, small reading groups, and an incentive style in our mid-week program called “Golden Aleph”, your student’s Hebrew abilities will soar! Beginning with mastery of the aleph bet and all its sounds, through mastery of many Hebrew prayers, your student will enjoy learning to read Hebrew and Prayers that will prepare them for bar mitzvah and beyond!

NEW DAYS AND TIMES! All levels meet Wednesday OR Thursday at (3:30 – 5) OR (4:30 – 6). Choose ONLY ONE FOR THE YEAR in addition to the Sunday class for all! There is also a “South Satellite” option that will meet in Montecito on Tuesdays. (No t’fillah included in this offering and spaces are limited). Go to Golden Aleph page to learn more about the program and schedule.