Another Santa Barbara community delegate is headed to Rwanda from January 28th through Feb 15th, 2016, as a way to enrich and strengthen the connection with our community.

Jana Brody, an artist and arts administrator who leads several workshops for CBB, will be using her Art, English and Sign Language skills while volunteering for 2 weeks in Gisenyi, Rwanda at Ubumwe Center.

Jana will bring a donated classroom web cam and projector for international skype initiatives as well as other meaningful gifts.

Jana was inspired when she met school Directors Fredrick & Zacharie at Congregation B’nai B’rith in 2012 and again, in 2014 while they were visiting here in Santa Barbara. The congregants funded the building of the Preschool which is one of the only schools to enroll children with disabilities in Rwanda.

Brody plans to assist this ever growing school of students and adults. Her trip is being sponsored by The Squire Foundation, a local nonprofit, whose mission is creative empowerment. Brody will be partnering with the Isla Vista Minyan, as well as CBB and the wider community, to bring a 49-pound suitcase filled with school and art supplies.

In addition Brody will represent Brandon School 5th graders who created peace cranes as a way to participate in the Armed with the Arts, Peace Crane Project which centers around origami exchange.

As an artist Brody will be sharing her silk painting experience and bringing silk painting supplies. Her goal is to teach the children and adults a new skill that is colorful and accessible. She hopes to create flags and banners to decorate their school and also hopes to bring back one piece of art to Santa Barbara as a community gift.

Brody states, “Silk painting is a wonderful community-building medium that is an easy way to get everyone creating art. With the dyes you just fill in geometric designs that makes everyone feel like a successful artist.”

Jana Brody sees herself as a Santa Barbara liaison for all these worthwhile global outreach affiliations. Good luck, Jana!