Amy Katz: Covering the Black Lives Matter Protests in D.C.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hi everyone!

Made it to Washington yesterday, and so glad I am here! It is overwhelmingly amazing to be here!

Last night, a man climbed up on the traffic light with a bullhorn and gave a beautiful speech to the crowd at Black Lives Matter Square, the area in front of the White House, that Trump has barricaded off with a double iron fence. In his speech, he mentioned this movement is for all people, and talked about especially honoring women of all color, and then mentioned the Jewish people.

I was up all night uploading photos, luckily at a very nice hotel. And look what is already in the news! I am so honored The Guardian, one of Great Britain’s oldest and most prestigious newpapers, used one of my photos with their statement in support of the protests!

Tomorrow I move into the St. Regis Hotel, right on the Black Lives Matter street where the rally is ongoing.
-Amy Katz