Leorah Wrench: Raising $7,500 for the Santa Barbara Cancer Foundation

Leorah Wrench: Raising $7,500 for the Santa Barbara Cancer Foundation My name is Leorah Wrench and I represent the 7th grade B’Mitzvah class of 2023, at Congregation B’nai B’rith.  At our synagogue, our class was assigned to do a community service project as part of our coming-of-age process as we approach bar or bat mitzvah [...]

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Amy Katz: From Barbie to a Blessing

I was sitting at Carlitos Mexican restaurant last Thursday with friends drinking a Margarita, staring across the street and taking photos of the “Barbie” Marque— because newspapers have really liked my Barbie shots—when suddenly men appeared with a ladder, and “Barbie” began to transform before my very eyes! I was wondering what movie was [...]

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Debbie Hartzman: Our Promise to the CBB Community

  This National Make-A-Will Month, I wanted to share why Steve and I decided to include CBB in our estate plan and become members of the Children of the Covenant. Belonging to a vibrant Jewish community has always been an important part of my life. As a young girl growing up in a conservative Chicago congregation, [...]

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Mariela Socolovsky: After seven years of joyful and meaningful years, I’m leaving CBB

Almost seven years ago I went searching for a meaningful professional opportunity and a place to belong. During these years I’ve had the privilege of working alongside wonderful colleagues and lay leaders, each having a significant impact in my life. I have been a partner, teammate and supporter. Each congregant, young and old alike, allowed [...]

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Todd Pellegrino: Family Camp Jumpstarted a New Family Tradition

  PHOTO ABOVE: Lindsay and Todd Pellegrino with their younger son, Reece, at the BHY Consecration. Not pictured: older son Maxon.   The Althea Stroum & Pat Glazer Memorial Family Camp Weekend is made possible by philanthropic support that offsets the cost of attendance for families with financial need. If you’d like to learn [...]

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Mariela Socolovsky: My Path to Building My Own Jewish Family

A Note: I’ll be starting my maternity leave at the end of this week, on November 4th. I'm currently 38 weeks'  pregnant, but started writing this essay a bit before my 20th week of pregnancy. In my 20s, the “do not get pregnant” advice translated in my mind like a neon sign screaming at [...]

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Marilyn Weixel: Coming Home

Recently, we asked longtime CBB member Marilyn Weixel to reflect on her recent travels to Israel, and the connection that keeps her returning. Below is her response. “When a Jew visits Jerusalem for the first time, it is not the first time; it is a homecoming.”  Elie Wiesel People often ask me, when they hear [...]

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