Beth Weinberg: Reflections on Yolanda Savage Narva

Beth Weinberg: Reflections on Yolanda Savage Narva ~~~ Editor's note: CLICK TO VIEW Yolanda Savage Narva's presentation on racial equality, diversity, and inclusion, from our June 20, 2021 Kenny Gaynes Memorial Sunday Morning Live. Savage Narva is the Director of Racial Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Union for Reform Judaism. (She is also the aunt [...]

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Cantor Mark Childs: Reflections on Reopening

Cantor Mark Childs: Reflections on Reopening Just in time to end their school year, the students from our Netivot program came together yesterday morning en masse, in-person, masked, distanced and very happy (see photo below). I can’t overstate my feelings of joy, after a year plus of interacting via Zoom, over being physically together. My utmost wish [...]

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Debi Lewis: Ordination

  Debi Lewis: Ordination A huge mazel tov on behalf of the entire CBB community to our beloved Rav Debi Lewis!- Editor Deborah Lynn Lewis graduated from Gratz College with a BA in Jewish Studies. She is a member of Congregation B'nai B'rith (CBB) in Santa Barbara and credits her congregation for instilling within her [...]

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Amy Katz: Forgiveness

Forgiveness Was I your Scape Goat? The one the Levities pushed over the edge of the cliff in the Wilderness? Was I your Flame in the gaslight? Was I the sacrificed bird, whose blood is splattered by the High Priest, over your leprocy? Did I clean your Soul? I don’t want to be the sacrificed [...]

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Marcus James: My People, Place, & Purpose (Part 2)

Marcus James: My People, Place, & Purpose (Part 2) [CLICK HERE to read Part 1 of this series, Ed.] “Daddy, I have found my people, my place, and my purpose!” These were the words that drew me to Israel, which eventually led me on my own journey with Judaism.  Upon returning from my third trip there, I set about locating the local Jewish community -the people. While [...]

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Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Refugee Shabbat 2021

Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Refugee Shabbat 2021 Erev Shabbat Sermon, March 5, 2021 Tonight across the country, reform and conservative synagogues are commemorating Refugee Shabbat, a Project of the Hebrew immigrant aid society. And this weekend in Santa Barbara, many faith communities are participating in Love your neighbor weekend, a celebration of our immigrant populations.  How [...]

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Janet Malki: CBB Leadership Institute

Janet Malki: CBB Leadership Institute When I first was contacted by Jill Feldman and Ashley Goldstein to participate in the CBB Irving and Marlyn Berstein Leadership Institute (LI) via Zoom,  I was hesitant for a variety of reasons. You know the excuses: time commitment, not being able to meet in person, concerns about future requests to [...]

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Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Reproduction Shabbat

Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Reproduction Shabbat Some of you may have seen that I was asked by the Santa Barbara News Press to comment on the Supreme Court decision to allow CA houses of worship to hold indoor services.  I told the author of the article that we would not be coming back to in-person services [...]

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CBB Voices blog highlighted at Shabbat services!

CBB Voices blog highlighted at Shabbat services! We celebrated a special "blog post Shabbat" this past Friday, January 22. During the sermon portion of the service, Allan Morton, Judy Karin, and Phoebe Light (pictured here) read posts they've published on the CBB Voices blog. Editor Monica Steiner introduced the panel by describing this blog project [...]

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Phoebe Light: Shabbat in the Time of Corona

Phoebe Light: Shabbat in the Time of Corona My relationship with Jewish life had always been, up until a couple of years ago, off-and-on. Jewish summer camp a couple of times. A Birthright trip. A year playing guitar at Hillel in college. Even a three-year stint living in Israel, not that I ever really explored [...]

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