Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Refugee Shabbat 2021

Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Refugee Shabbat 2021 Erev Shabbat Sermon, March 5, 2021 Tonight across the country, reform and conservative synagogues are commemorating Refugee Shabbat, a Project of the Hebrew immigrant aid society. And this weekend in Santa Barbara, many faith communities are participating in Love your neighbor weekend, a celebration of our immigrant populations.  How [...]

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Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Reproduction Shabbat

Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Reproduction Shabbat Some of you may have seen that I was asked by the Santa Barbara News Press to comment on the Supreme Court decision to allow CA houses of worship to hold indoor services.  I told the author of the article that we would not be coming back to in-person services [...]

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CBB Voices blog highlighted at Shabbat services!

CBB Voices blog highlighted at Shabbat services! We celebrated a special "blog post Shabbat" this past Friday, January 22. During the sermon portion of the service, Allan Morton, Judy Karin, and Phoebe Light (pictured here) read posts they've published on the CBB Voices blog. Editor Monica Steiner introduced the panel by describing this blog project [...]

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Judi Shor: A Beshert Relation

Judi Shor: A Beshert Relation Like so many of you, Judy Meisel touched our family’s life in many inspiring and unforgettable ways. I would like to share a few ‘beshert’ Meisel-Shor coincidences. I knew Judy’s daughter, Debbie, from back east before we had even moved to Santa Barbara and met Judy. Debbie lived in Potomac, [...]

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Phoebe Light: Shabbat in the Time of Corona

Phoebe Light: Shabbat in the Time of Corona My relationship with Jewish life had always been, up until a couple of years ago, off-and-on. Jewish summer camp a couple of times. A Birthright trip. A year playing guitar at Hillel in college. Even a three-year stint living in Israel, not that I ever really explored [...]

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Jonathan Gartner: A Jewish Journey

I’ve been thinking recently about CBB’s Mission Statement: “a diverse, inclusive community of individuals and families building together a warm and vibrant house of living Judaism.”   I like the mission statement but when I read it closely, I see many words – ‘community, building, house’ – which imply a physical space.  How, in this time of Covid and social [...]

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Alvin Lever: Erev Shabbat Memories

Alvin Lever: Erev Shabbat Memories Walking towards CBB on Erev Shabbat hearing “Shabbat Shalom” from those you know and those you don’t. And then the evening progresses from the Oneg, to services, sermon, to the wonderful Kiddush afterwards. Just close your eyes and I’m sure you can see, hear, and enjoy the memory. I would [...]

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