Judi Shor: A Beshert Relation

Like so many of you, Judy Meisel touched our family’s life in many inspiring and unforgettable ways. I would like to share a few ‘beshert’ Meisel-Shor coincidences. I knew Judy’s daughter, Debbie, from back east before we had even moved to Santa Barbara and met Judy. Debbie lived in Potomac, Maryland and worked for a trade association where I was a member. Another connection was that my husband David grew up in Baltimore right next door to the cousins of Debbie’s husband Sam. And, what are the chances? Both our daughters grew up to be architects!

Another fun coincidence was that Fred, Judy’s husband, and I were both pharmacists. We would get to talk ‘shop’ at their coveted Shabbat dinners. It was wonderful to sit at that packed-in dining table sharing nostalgic food and good conversation with other (mostly CBB) guests. One time we had to decline their invitation to Shabbat dinner. When Judy found out the reason was that my parents, who she didn’t know, were in town from Florida she beyond kindly insisted that we bring them along. I treasure that evening as both couples are gone now. That was Judy, whether opening her heart, home, and even her mattress for BHY preschool acrobatics  —gracious, giving, and a remarkable role model.

I hope our CBB community will enjoy the two recipes I’ve included here, which I received many years ago from Judy. I think of her every time I make them. 

Judi Shor has been an active member of CBB for the past 28 years. She co-facilitates the CBB Advance Care Planning Program and CBB’s AGING WISELY speaker series. Anyone interested in filing their confidential, free, legally-recognized Advance Healthcare Document is welcome to contact her at CBBAdvanceCarePlanningProgram@gmail.com