Mariela Socolovsky: After seven years of joyful and meaningful years, I’m leaving CBB

Almost seven years ago I went searching for a meaningful professional opportunity and a place to belong. During these years I’ve had the privilege of working alongside wonderful colleagues and lay leaders, each having a significant impact in my life. I have been a partner, teammate and supporter. Each congregant, young and old alike, allowed [...]

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Todd Pellegrino: Family Camp Jumpstarted a New Family Tradition

  PHOTO ABOVE: Lindsay and Todd Pellegrino with their younger son, Reece, at the BHY Consecration. Not pictured: older son Maxon.   The Althea Stroum & Pat Glazer Memorial Family Camp Weekend is made possible by philanthropic support that offsets the cost of attendance for families with financial need. If you’d like to learn [...]

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Mariela Socolovsky: My Path to Building My Own Jewish Family

A Note: I’ll be starting my maternity leave at the end of this week, on November 4th. I'm currently 38 weeks'  pregnant, but started writing this essay a bit before my 20th week of pregnancy. In my 20s, the “do not get pregnant” advice translated in my mind like a neon sign screaming at [...]

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Jean Phillips: Finding a Community

Jean Phillips: Finding a Community We were not yet members of CBB when it was time to find a preschool for our daughter Alex, but BHY was the natural and pragmatic choice. My husband Dan grew up at the synagogue, and a number of our good friends were part of the community, giving us [...]

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Holly Goldberg: Standing up for Judaism

Holly Goldberg: Standing up for Judaism Current events have illuminated how our culture has become complacent with outdated, non-inclusive policies and practices that marginalize minorities. Unfortunately, as a result most of us have faced unintentional as well as explicit forms of antisemitism.  Being Jewish requires a refined inner grace to know when to not take [...]

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Becca Wrench: Mi Shebeirach List

Becca Wrench: Mi Shebeirach List I had my name added to the Mi Shebeirach list - the prayer for healing - on January 7, 2021.  Two days before that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Every time I go to services I hear this list read and see if I recognize any names. If [...]

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Elizabeth Mason: Thanksgivikuh

Elizabeth Mason: Thanksgivikuh Our Hebrew calendar found us segueing from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah within a matter of days this year. As such, the gestalt of Thanksgiving evoked a background for gratitude, light and dedication of the soul. Within the microcosm of the Mason family, there emerged a small-scale miracle around this period of time, its [...]

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