Almost seven years ago I went searching for a meaningful professional opportunity and a place to belong. During these years I’ve had the privilege of working alongside wonderful colleagues and lay leaders, each having a significant impact in my life. I have been a partner, teammate and supporter. Each congregant, young and old alike, allowed me to walk beside them on their Jewish journeys, and this has added meaning to my life. We’ve accomplished so many remarkable things together.

CBB has been my professional home, where I found my community, and where I’ve been the best creative version of myself. CBB is the incredible community that welcomed my daughter, Mica, in the warmest way possible. Being CBB’s Director of Community Engagement has been such a highlight in my life. I brought my love for Judaism, my passion for building relationships, my excitement to create experiences full of content and meaning, and all of my cheerleading skills to support outstanding leaders and volunteers.

After seven years of joyful and meaningful achievements, I’ll be leaving my position on June 2nd.

Mica and I are moving to San Jose, CA to be closer to family and start a new adventure.  Which one? I don’t know yet. I just know that this step IS the beginning of the new adventure. This news is bittersweet to share, yet know that I’m taking with me all the memories of the wonderful things we did together, and the love you have given me over these years.

It has been an absolute honor to share this time with you.

With love and appreciation,