Dear Parents,

As you may know, Santa Barbara Unified School District closed school for the first time, on Yom Kippur, this year.   It required quite a bit of effort and negotiation (especially on the part of JLP Parent, Holly Goldberg).  I think it is really important that we, as a community, acknowledge the efforts of the school board and let them know how much we appreciate the ability for our children to attend services and honor this most important Jewish Holy Day, without missing school.

Please take a few minutes and write a quick email to the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and School Board Members (all email addresses noted below) to let them know that we noticed and that we are grateful.

I truly believe that it would make a significant difference and would encourage them to continue to close school in honor of Jewish Holy Days, in the years ahead.

The more emails, the better.

Thank you,

CBB Co-President, Marcy Wimbish

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SBUSD Superintendent:

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