Elizabeth Mason: Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Our tradition espouses an inspiring concept. It is as follows: supposedly those among us who pass from this life just prior to Rosh HaShanah are those who have purposely been detained by the Divine Hand. This is because our world has needed their influence until the very end of the year. We refer to these righteous ones as tzaddikim. As such, Ruth Bader Ginsberg exemplified this description.

As we continue to contend with the ravages and ominous implications of the COVID19 on a daily basis, Ms. Ginsberg’s endurance through her personal life-long obstacles, stands as a sterling beacon to light our way through ours.

In her youth, as a student of law, RGB summoned deeply from with-in her life force to elicit those transcendent resources which were vital to propelling both she and her gravely-ill husband towards their respective degrees. In addition to this endeavor, she single-handedly cared for their young child. Subsisting on a minuscule amount of sleep, she plowed on to complete her requisite nightly school work.

During the years of her life which followed, beleaguered by unremitting challenges, she continued on toward breaking the glass ceiling for women. It is noteworthy that with seemingly tunnel vision, she was able to achieve her goals with a determined yet balanced demeanor in the process. This demeanor brought her respect from both her peers and opponents. At the end of it all, she prevailed.

Although the philosophy that follows appears trite; “slow but steady wins the race”, upon the reflecting of her life, this adage seems an apt antidote to our collective angst.

Elizabeth Araluce Mason is a writer and philosopher whose social commentaries and poems have been published in numerous periodicals. She is an advocate for human rights. She is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who practices locally and a member of CBB  She is the wife of Joe and mother of Janina, her life’s blood.