Michael Singer: Fear

I have been sitting in the energy of what people believe, write, and share adamantly on social media. People share what they resonate with and what they believe to be THE truth. I wonder though, why they have to do that? Yes, I know that they do it because it is their truth, and if you know me, you know I do not judge anyone for what they believe. We are all wounded beings doing the best that we can to find security. So I find it saddening that people separate themselves based on what they believe is truth. Each one of us have our particular perceptual blinders and our strongly held opinions on just about everything.

If you love the President or hate him; if you want to stay home, and think everyone else should as well, or if you want to go back to work and restart the economy; if you want to wear a mask and gloves or not wear any personal protective equipment. If you think this is a human-made conspiracy or a naturally occurring virus. If you are mad because people are not wearing masks and not staying at home. If you think businesses should stay closed or open up. If you want to go to the beach or not. You are not wrong for how you feel or think.

But I find the screaming at each other, the effort to persuade others and the pervasive attitude of you are right and they are wrong, to be tiring and difficult. How about no-one is wrong? and everyone is entitled to their opinions? and that does not make them stupid or ignorant? It just makes them another person trying to survive in the situation we call being human. And yes, I have heard people saying that it affects everyone and the “how dare you’s” too. I am not trying to correct or defend, just witnessing the anger and fear all around us these days. As my son says, people are just being Karen…( New term for me, I had to look it up).

My heart goes out to everyone, and I am not here to argue with what you believe. I have come to the conclusion (and I do not claim to be an expert on anything) that the fear, believe it or not, helps us feel safer. It was a crazy thought when it first came to me, but the more I sit with it, the more it makes sense to me. The fear helps us feel safer in the world …. think about that for a few minutes. Does it resonate with you? Many people are saying they are not fear-based and then justifying their actions and trying to shame others for what they are doing or not doing… Open the beaches, close them, on and on and on.. How sad for everyone. Does thinking you are right and the others are wrong, help make you feel better about yourself? Do you need to squash others to feel powerful? Or just to let them know that you think they are wrong?

I believe that on some level being human is a fear-based experience. Kind of like waiting for the other shoe to drop… always expecting the worst. It used to be when I did not hear from my kids when they were late, I would immediately think of the worst-case scenario of what could have happened or was happening to them. Through witnessing my thoughts and beliefs, I was able to bring compassion to my thought patterns and slow down enough to see if they were actually real or not. This helped me calm down and realize if I made them up, I could change them. My motto for over 20 years has been trust and surrender, it’s not in my hands. If something happens to me or one of my kids, there is not much I can do but trust they are in God’s hands and all I have control over is how I handle it or what I do with it. The same with the rest of the world, it is in God’s hands, and yes I know people are dying, they do that every day.

I know this post will not change the world and people will want to share what they believe or think. I was doing the same thing, sending out messages or emails on what I believed but now have stopped. I no longer want to enroll others or be colluding with like-minded people. I will not change anyone’s mind. That is not my job and to be honest when I run across someone who does not believe what I do, it does not help me be angry at them. I want to instead have love and compassion for them because they are just finding safety in their fear which is just part of being human, I guess. It separates us and what I long for is connection, not separation. Whatever you believe or think is fine with me, even if it is not what I believe or think, and I will still try to open my heart and arms to you. If I am not comfortable or feel myself becoming angry, it is up to me to see what my lesson is in learning to love you.

I believe that Joy is the most powerful energy in the world. Part of Joy is love, God, Orgasms, Great food, and the people we care about. If other people’s thoughts and beliefs do not give you joy, let them have whatever belief or thought gives them some peace. Does how they feel or think really make a difference in your life? Why are you giving them so much power? You will not change their mind even if you think what they are doing is endangering you.

There is a lot of craziness in the world so it is hard work to not get hooked into the pattern of trying to change someone (no matter how insane you think their thinking is). What would your life be like if you were not telling them they were wrong and instead just held them in compassion? The world is full of fake or false news and for some reason, we seem to find safety in some of it one way or another. NO-ONE is an expert! It is just their thoughts and opinions and if it gives them some peace, no matter how much proof they say they have. God bless them even if it does not resonate with me…..

I am not writing this to stir up anger or create any more controversy. Rather just to share my thoughts and hope that we can bring more love into this world, less being right, and more connection and joy. We are all doing the best we can in a world that needed a painful reset and now needs more compassion and love than it ever has. If everyone does their part to bring in joy, let go of things that stress them out, and stop believing they have all the facts, the universal consciousness we all live in will settle down.

Many blessings and much love on your healing journey.❤️


Michael Singer is known as the Santa Barbara Healer, and works in private practice doing energy healing work. He is most proud of is being a father to his children Gabriella,  who joined the Coast Guard last year, and  Joseph who is going to be in 11th grade at DP next year. You can catch him at CBB most Friday nights (virtually!), and looks forward to going back in person, hopefully soon. www.SantaBarbaraHealer.com